Premiere: Pal Hwang Dan – Eschatology

Pal Hwang Dan – 2013-2021 Seoul Cover Art

Chinabot welcome back the Korean experimental pop artist for his third release.

Unlike the chaos of his daily commute, there was little running through his mind. He’d become an expert at operating in auto-pilot; he knew where to walk, who to avoid, when the train would arrive and what spot to stand on the platform. It was muscle memory. On these journeys he felt most at odds with the world. Despite the bodies that surrounded him, loneliness was his only travel companion.


Following two releases on Chinabot, the label welcome Korean artist Pal Hwang Dan back for his third: an LP titled ‘2013-2021 Seoul’. His work sits at the intersection between pop and avant-garde, laced with his deadpan, new romantic-esque vocals which touch on a plethora of subjects. Exploring what modern-day Seoul means to him, the LP ruminates on alienation, consumerism, loneliness and absurdity, characterised by his experimental and singular take on pop music.


2013-2021 Seoul is out on 19 November via Chinabot.