Premiere: Ko Shin Moon – Lambaya Püf De


The dream is always the same… He ‘awakes’ to find himself in a room of doors and mirrors, eagerly awaiting the subtle cue of what to do next. The more he understands about his sleep world, the less things seem to make sense. Walls expand and contract, and inner thoughts become outer reality. “All this excitement will wake my ‘other self’” he predicts, but he seems to find himself going deeper…

Space-World-Pop? Funk-Folk-Techno? However you’d describe the electronic duo, Ko Shin Moon’s third release Leïla Nova is an exploration of sound without any consideration or respect for the norm. Simultaneously oozing with reverence for traditional instrumentation and retro-futurism, the album leaps from one delightfully baffling composition to the next. Oriental riffs converge with space-age synths, wildly off-kilter samples and immaculately funky grooves to create mind-melting bliss.