Premiere: Klein Zage feat. Joey G ii – I’m Almost Certain That I’m Here


She rubbed her eyes and squinted around the room, her gaze still clouded in the early morning haze. As her vision cleared, she realised she didn't recognise her surroundings. The room felt vaguely familiar, as if she had visited it a life time ago, but she didn't live here. At least she was pretty certain she didn't. How had she come to be here? As she rose from the bed, a picture on the mantelpiece caught her eye. As she approached it, she gulped. There she was, clear as day… Her own image smiling back at her.

Following her debut last year with the razor sharp Womanhood, Orphan. Records co-founder Klein Zage returns with an EP on her own imprint, inspired by her beloved service industry. The three tracks on Tip Me Baby One More Time move through the motions; the A-Side provides a snapshot of Zage 'clocked in' while the B-Side – our pick, 'I'm Almost Certain That I'm Here' featuring fellow Orphan co-founder Joey G ii – takes things into more introspective realms, with twinkling dubwise electronics layered with Zage's wistful yet commanding vocals.

All profits from the release will be donated to the Restaurant Worker's Community Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund as well as New York's 'Service Worker's Coalition', in light of the impact that the Covid-19 crisis is having on the restaurant industry.