Premiere: KLEFT – Ossein


Deep inside the industrial compound there was a siren which would ring from dusk until dawn – it monitored who came and went alerting security guards to the threat of the world outside. CCTV flickered in the corners of the site watching every tiny movement within the space. It was not a special sort of place, more so a prison in which bad things were left to rot. As he closed the large metal gate upon his exit he shivered slightly under the ominous cloud which had hung present above his head. Another day was dead and a new may begin soon….

KLEFT is set to release a staggering, aggressive, mutant of an EP on Glasgow based Domestic Exile. Vickie McDonald is rooted in and has actively propagated the underground DIY radical queer punk and feminist movement in Glasgow. The sound across the record is big, bold and abrasive. Listen below: