Premiere: Kincaid – Pipe Up (Kris Baha Remix)


Shoulder to shoulder with worms and dirt, the pipework burrowed deep underground, endlessly networking. In the damp, density of the earth all is still and silent. Not for long. Creatures creep. Plates shift. Water works. Blinkered darkness brings whole spectrums of sound and sense. One lonely clap from above can receive raptures of applause below.

Kincaid is continuing a frighteningly prolific string of releases with another on London’s Inside Out records, but this time he’s letting his friends do some of the leg work. It’s a remix EP, with Benedikt Frey, Stevie R & Parisinos and Kris Baha all chiming onto his track ‘Pipe Up’. The British producer has already proven himself to be a fierce collaborator. His tendrils reach far and wide to artists as diverse as nu-tech house wizard Urulu aka Liquid Earth, Moscoman’s Disco Halal label and a collaboration with 80s synth pop legends (one of whom is Kincaid’s father), Blancmange.

On this latest offering, Kris Baha probes deeper into the slower, sludgier regions with which Kincaid has recently aligned. He strangulates the original – a slick, snail’s-pace psychedelic meditation – into a proto-acid panic of caustic Belgian New Beat.