Premiere: Kincaid ft. Blancmange – Late For Sum (Kincaid’s Sleep Deprived Version)


The night went on and on, it seemed as if it might never end. It was late for some but as he counted the money in his pocket he knew that it was not too late for a sum. There was more profit to be made in this place and as he weaved and wandered between the lost souls of the night he thought about his life back home. The small town streets and the smiling faces of those people that had raised him, if only they could see him now. The music echoed with a hollow bounce as the walls moved beneath the flickering glow of strobes and flares. He took a deep breath and walked forwards into the blackness…

This is the second release between the collaborative duo which is Kincaid and his father Blancmange. They have previously released music together on Moscoman's Disco Halal imprint and was widely supported. Their new EP is even bigger. 

Listen below: