Premiere: Kilig – Lost To The Void


The rocky cliff face stretched further than the eye could see, its peak reaching high above the clouds. What lay at the top many didn't know. Rumours spread like wildfire of the strange and terrifying mysteries that greeted any who made it to the highest peak. Some spoke of a small town and its inhabitants who had lived there for centuries, unwilling to make a connection with the outside world, others spoke of an empty space, a dark abyss, a place you'd never return from. Many would be lost to the void…  

London-based DJ Kirsti is behind Null + Void, a label, party and music blog dedicated to her love of experimental rave and electro music. The label arm has been running for four years now and has provided a platform for producers like Shinra, Dead Sound and T-Flex. Next up she welcomes a new artist, Kilig, for his debut EP, which marks the first in a series of digital releases from new electronic producers that will culminate in a special vinyl package next year.