Premiere: Keita Sano – Sky


There was a beautiful crisp blue in the air, the wind blew softly amidst the warm glow of the morning. The sky was radiant and there was a pristine tint to the clouds as they shone like little floating bubbles against a deep background of dense radiant azure. The plane would soon prepare for take off, entering a different dimension within which it would float and soar with majestic pride and eager intent. Inside the cabin, the passengers would dance and sing, talking to one another in blissful ignorance of the magical world which lay beyond their line of sight… Space was out there, just waiting to be seen and explored…

Keita Sano is set to release a new vinyl only EP on Releisure, he delivers fierce, club focussed cuts which are bound to bang and bounce like crazy on the floor. Highly recommended. Listen below: 

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