Premiere: Kaval – Drum Express


Days had passed since they’d begun their expedition, and they were still no closer to finding their destination. The desert sprawled for hundreds of miles in all directions, a vast and daunting landscape offering no clues to where this hidden cave of wonders might be located. The stories of these lost treasures had long been passed through the generations, but of all the thousands of people who’d chosen to seek it out for themselves, few had lived to tell the tale.

After a whopping 24 releases last year, Toulouse-based artist Kaval keeps his foot firmly on the gas with a new EP for Argent Sale titled ‘Cave Of Wonders’. Marking his second release on the label, following 2019’s ‘Nocturnal’, the three heavy drum tracks display Kaval’s knack for cooking up powerful club cuts, from the bouncy rhythms of ‘Drum Express’ to the pounding drums and rousing pads of the title track.