Premiere: Kasper Marott – Mere (Tandoori’s Modern Sax Mix)


The night terrors were consistently distorted and yet alluring. He was convinced by their fragrant appeal yet apalled by his own wicked imagination. Within the wildest corners of his mind he was petrified of the demons which lurked with ignorant intent. He lifted himself out of bed and paced across the hallway, he cast a solitary glance through the window and out into the darkness of the night. There was little to be seen but for the faint misty fog which hung beneath the orange beam of light flippantly pouring from the streetlight. He hung his head and began to cry. 

Kasper Marrot is set to release a new EP on Twin Cities. The up and coming record label is making serious headway and is gathering support from far and wide. The new release is an exotic take on house music built for the depression of the modern day. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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