Premiere: K-Lone – Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

5 Minute Read

Hot skippin’ house music at its best.

Everywhere you looked there was something, a slogan, a catchphrase, a jingle, a line. Each and every one fighting harder than the last for your precious attention. This was the nature of things in the city, you might as well ignore it.

There was only one way to tune it out, a simple saying which had done him well thus far.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”

That was all there was to it, the resistance was futile. For if every answer was yes, there was nothing less to persuade upon.


The second in a heavy hitting EP series from K-Lone on Will Saul’s record label AUS Music. This one is a weighty, techy assortment of house music built strictly for the dancefloor and will become tools of the trade for many this summer.

Listen below: