Premiere: Sam Goku – Tides Under The Moonlight

5 Minute Read

Trance meets Techno on a beautiful EP from Sam Goku for powerhouse label Dekmantel.

He watched from his balcony, gazing as the water moved slowly inwards as the sun set in the distance. It were as if the world had fallen asleep, there was nothing but the sound of the woods and the trees around him as he gazed out upon the shimmering ocean.

The tides under the moonlight were a beautiful thing – they operated under their own timeline, moving in and out in line with the circadian rhythms of a chaotic world. Yet still, they resembled peace.

He retired to bed, dreaming of the world beyond the window.


Sam Goku is set to release a new EP on Dekmantel, it is a tour de force of a record demonstrating a deep knowledge of ethereal dance music as he balances the sensibilities of Trance and Techno with careful precision.

Listen below: