Premiere: K. Dallas – Roser


Walking through the garden on a bleak, grey afternoon he cast his gaze upwards towards the gloomy skies which hung thick. They looked deceptively soft and welcoming, yet promised showers and rain which would fall heavy later on in the day. He cast his eyes towards the flowers which danced between the long grass. It was autumn and things all around were changing with the seasons, the cold air left what had been dense greenery a now dirty brown. Rain dampened the spirits and the soul in this place. 

K.Dallas is a producer who we have been keeping track of for a while now, what with his affiliation with a wave of producers making ground in Denmark as of present. His sound is often padded out, drawing upon elements of house, idm and dub. Melody remains prominent but on this release for Berlin based label, LAN, he has perhaps truly found his niche. 

Listen below:

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