Premiere: JV & Palf – En Route (Pluralist Remix)


Across expansive dunes, endless footsteps mark the ancestral path, leading the way to the basilica of the Bedouin. A pilgrimage only taken every seventy years, their single living leader the slowest of the camp. Beneath the unforgiving Saharan sun, the only moisture for miles is the sweat which now evaporates from their skin like mist, clothes sticking to every crevice of the body. The nature of the journey is one of spirit; no room for cynicism when higher powers lead the charge.

Out on London-based Panel Audio, the label’s latest comes in the form of a remix release of their latest release, JV & Palf’s T4 EP. Across the four remixed tracks, each artist adds their own style to an already eclectic mix of originals. From more ominous ends of the techno spectrum to minimal dubstep, the release has something for everybody. Our pick is Pluralist’s take on ‘En Route’, a mirage of a track seething with Middle-Eastern promise, with syncopated drum fills and vocal samples littered throughout.