Premiere: Jon Sable – Shifting Sounds


A small church stood perched on a hill at the top of the island; the central meeting point in this abandoned paradise. In between the mountainous terrain, bright green fields scattered the space awash with beautiful flowers and fruit bearing trees. The island was only home to a few inhabitants, nomads who had somehow found themselves there unsure of where they should go next. This was a special place to reside, a location that had remained untouched by outsiders. But this would shift soon enough, everybody who lived there knew it couldn't always remain a secret. But until then they would enjoy every moment…

After a brief hiatus, In Dust We Trust make a triumphant return with an EP from label co-founder Jon Sable. Since launching the imprint in 2017, New Zealand via London duo Chaos In The CBD and best pal Sable have built a platform to share their own productions and collaborations. Ahead of the three of them embarking on a forthcoming tour together, they release a three tracker of soulful percussive house, a sound that has become synonymous with the label and their own productions.