Premiere: Jokios Kultūros – Basic Level


The Electric Shapes regular explores all the facets of his tastes and influences on his anticipated debut album.

They couldn’t see anything through the thick fog, could barely make out their own feet trudging through the boggy grass. It didn’t bode well, what should have been an easy journey had turned into a treacherous mission across unknown terrain; they still had a long road ahead of them. Darkness was looming on the horizon, and soon their vision would become even more impaired, was it worth them battling through the obstacles despite their better judgment?


Jokios Kultūros is part of the Electric Shapes family, he’s been a constant throughout the Lithuanian imprint’s journey. After a string of EPs and track contributions over the last few years, he’s finally releasing his first long player into the world, the aptly titled ALL IS ONE.

It amasses all the different styles and influences that have motivated his productions, from breakbeat, house and DnB to ambient, trance and downtempo, and a taste for Japanese-inspired melodies and video game elements.