Premiere: Infinite Monkey Theorem – Lydia Phreaks


The Brooklyn-based duo and 1020 Radio residents release a new EP to raise money for UN Women.

“OpenAI has company… the room full of monkeys has returned with the development of ChimpGPT. Natural language algorithms have been outmatched by natural simian energy.”

Brooklyn duo Infinite Monkey Theorem’s output matches electronic and instrumental influences to craft music aimed at the dancefloor. There’s obvious doffs of the cap to IDM, breakbeat and leftfield club sounds but also elements of shoegaze, free jazz and soundsystem music bubbling up under the surface.


For their new release, ChimpGPT, the pair share five tracks of off-kilter club cuts laced with guitars and hypnotic bass lines. And it’s all for a great cause too – they’re donating all proceeds from the release to UN Women, the UN organisation who do important work to protect women’s rights and end violence against women across the world.