Premiere: John Di Stefano – Knocking At My Door


Wandering between the mysterious streets I began to ponder my own existence, questioning my own sanity and feeling carelessly alone. Knocking at my door there was a group of well wishers who wanted nothing but the demise of my empire. Their time would come but it was not this day. I walked under the flickering glow of streetlights and the burning embers of a lost dream – they shone down upon my soul like some sort of distorted fog. It was a reminder of all that was lost in the fire…

John Di Stefano is an electronic musician and composer who self-released a number of cassettes as part of the 80s DIY underground on his own imprint Oktron Produktions. His music is abstract and experimental, channeling whirring synths and elements of post punk within some sort of wild creation beyond the realms of normality. 

His music is about to be reissued by Concentric Circles and distributed by Seance Centre, an album called "For the Moment" will receive a new lease of life.

Listen below: