Premiere: Joe Howe – Vulcan Airwalk


Closing his eyes he watched as the great bird floated through his chain of consciousness – it danced between clouds and soared wildly between indescribable shapes and spaces. The vulcan was hypnotic and mesmerising, dancing atop his dream as if suspended in some sort of wild airwalk in which only he was partial to observe. All around him he could still hear the chitter chatter of people and friends, they were not here however. He was now alone in the wild west, watching the great bird soar… As if it were a bird at all. 

Joe Howe is set to release a new album via Acid Waxa, a record label which has never been bound by stereotypes or assumptions. This new record is a wonderful mutation of electronic funk, lo-fi and library inspired sounds which makes for an enchanting listen. Check out ‘Vulcan Airwalk’ from the release below:

Pre-orders via Bandcamp – Weds 21 July

General release – Fri 6th August

Visit the Acid Waxa Bandcamp HERE