Premiere: Jimmy Rouge – Fever Dream


The Orange Tree Edits boss returns after a three-year hiatus with a four-track EP of downtempo, Italo and new wave edits.

The platform stretched far into the distance, the concrete only partially lit by the dim glow of the lamps. A handful of people dotted along its expanse, all waiting patiently for the train to arrive. Just a few minutes before midnight the chugging engine could be heard nearing the station; at exactly midnight it pulled in. In 70 years it had never been late. The passengers climbed aboard in silence, and with a blow of the whistle they sailed off into the darkness.


Orange Tree Edits are known purveyors of quality reworks. Since their beginnings five years ago, founder Jimmy Rouge and a stellar cast of fellow edit masters, including Jonny Rock, Moving Still, Hysteric and Good Block, have breathed new life into old finds and forgotten gems. Musically it ranges, but generally it’s made with either the intent of getting your feet moving or soundtracking time spent lounging at home. There’s Afro, disco, Balearic, new wave and synth-pop, which are some of the sonics that head honcho Jimmy gets stuck into on his return to the label after three years.