Premiere: Jaroška – Eating Knives (Local Suicide & Skelesys Remix)


The door of the house was ajar, lock broken and glass smashed into tiny pieces. Every inch of the interior had been defaced, damaged and neglected. Nothing seemed salvagable. She took a deep breath, this was her responsibility, she was in charge of taking care of this space and she'd failed completely. What could she do or say to rectify this? There was nothing that could save her if she told the truth. Everybody would ostracise her, cast her off. Her reputation would be in tatters. She only had one option… To lie through her teeth. It felt like eating knives…

Lithuanian artist Jaroška's music blends influences like post-punk, rave, EBM and electro. His latest record gets the rework treatment from Berlin duo Local Suicide and Argentinian producer Skelesys who, between them, have landed on Ombra International, Multi Culti, Bordello A Parigi and Rotten City Trax.