Premiere: IUNA NIVA – Six Ways To Bend The Yoke Of God


There were mysterious forces at work as the water rippled against the shore by the side of the lake. He watched onwards, a faint shadow atop the dense blue water as the sun began to set and the darkness grew heavy and thick in the air. Some say that such wizardry was impossible, it must simply be a trick of the mind as the moon emerged from behind dense clouds. A long time ago someone had taught him that he was special, taught him six ways to bend the yoke of God and now as he looked out upon the water he knew what that meant. 

IUNA NIVA readies a stormer of an EP on Marseille based imprint Solid Shape Records. A techno focussed affair touched with ambient soundscapes, real ambience and poignancy. It’s beautiful uttering’s left us enchanted and we hope it will do so the same for you. 

Listen below: