Premiere: It’s A Fine Line – Cardiogram (Dollkraut Instrumental)


The blood pumped rapidly around his aching body. He had never expected to come under attack on the battlefield in such a way, so fierce, so heavy, so caustic. His cardiogram read a series of information which he did not understand or follow. Why would he have ever expected to be the one to end up in a hospital bed? He was the hottest in the ring, the champion of the desert and a perilous fighter. Except, now he felt small, weak and insignificant. What would the others say?

It's A Fine Line is the duo made up of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris. Last year they released their album on Kill The DJ, now they are remixed by a series of associated producers on a new EP. "cardiogram" is the track in question and it has been re-imagined by the likes of Dollkraut and Factory Floor. Listen to the inspired Dollkraut remix below: 

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