Premiere: Isolating – Sacrament


“Agitation over happenings which we are powerless to modify, either because they have not occurred, or else are occurring at an inaccessible distance from us, achieves nothing beyond the inoculation of here and now with the remote or anticipated evil that is the object of our distress.”

When Stephen Hindman (one half of synth duo The Golden Filter) wrote their new solo album under the guise of Isolating last year, they didn’t know the name would take on a whole new meaning in 2020. Like their debut EP System on Optimo Music in May, their new outing was written whilst reading Aldous Huxley books, with one text in particular ‘Perennial Philosophy’, explicitly influencing the release in both the name and output.

The 11 tracks across Perennial, shift through gritty, dystopian sonics all underpinned by an unsettling and brooding anxiety, which mirrors the concept behind Huxley’s book: tackling the perspective in spirituality that views all of the world’s religions as sharing a single, metaphysical origin.

Buy HERE. Quote from Aldous Huxley’s ‘Perennial Philosophy’.