Premiere: Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability (Fiedel’s Disco Bass Edit)


Dancing in the deepest darkest corners of the old abandoned space you might stumble upon some odd and wondrous things from time to time. Who knew what erotic mysteries might lurk between the shadows – what might you discover or find about yourself or another? The music played loud, a repetitive drone echoed with dense weight as the grunts and groans of mysterious figures echoed between the walls atop the music. Erotic love could be a sociable affair, an intriguing experience for the curious, the wild and the uninitiated of the night. Why not come and explore… 

Fiedel reworks a track by Isabel Lewis on a new EP for his label Fiedeltwo. The imprint has acted as an outlet for collaboration between himself and other artists over the years. This is a fantastic tripped out disco excursion which still carries enough of a punch to shake the room – this is a Fiedel track after all. 

Listen below:

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