Premiere: Chris Korda & André Baum – Forgive Yourself (Chris Korda Version)

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A phenomenal record showcases the versatility of these two musicians.

The night had been long, the moon would soon disappear to be replaced by the glow of the morning but it would be hard to forget what had come before. How could he when the darkness had engulfed not only the world around him but his very soul itself?

Perhaps this was the way it was meant to be, although it did seem bittersweet that he might get to wake to a brand new day whilst another may not.

This world was a fickle, funny place


And like that the sun rose, another day was born and he had little left to do but to forgive himself once more.

Groundbreaking artist and producer Chris Korda and rising NYC-born/Berlin-based artist and producer André Baum have collaborated on a stellar new EP for alt electronic label Foom. The record showcases both musicians versatility and unique approach to sound design. This track is a reimagined version from the record by Chris Korda.

Listen below: