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The echoes travelled down the concrete tunnel. This was usually a place in which commotion was rife and stress was high. As the car travelled slowly under the glow of the murky lights it came to a halt at the halfway point. The doors opened and two men got out. The clatter of metal scraped along the ground as they dragged along the machine which would bring the tunnel crashing down. This was a time of destruction and the evil would bang triumphantly around the world with the roar of horns.

Pearl River Sound features as part of a brand new compilation from Raw Culture. The release features a range of tracks from the likes of Alter D, Acidflowerzz and more. Listen below:

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When looking back not a great deal had changed throughout his life until now. He had remained mostly under the radar, a dream like figure who was to be seen and not heard. He could not recall the day in which he had decided to emerge from his shell and conquer the blues, this was years ago now. However, in the light of day the world seemed like a far more peaceful place than it had way back then. Each morning he awoke with a sense of eager purpose, ready to seize the day and dance beneath the glow of the golden sun up above. It was a new mind space, and the dark times, they were years ago now. 

Maricopa falls into that category in which some might call "balearically inclined". To be honest, to us he just makes music with a laid back undercurrent. What even is balearic anyway? A state of mind? A sound? Who knows? His new release "This Was Years Ago" is forthcoming on LaLuna records. Listen to a track below:

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Rumour had it that he was invincible. At least that was what he would like people to believe as he looked out from the Ivory Tower. When he had been appointed as the new leader people had thought him to have super powers, that was how the story was told throughout the land. Little did they know that he was as washed up and tired as they come. A weakened man battered by the elements of the day and a political dart board for all around. This was no noble position, it was simply an elevated chair. The story would gone on, but whether he would remain was another question entirely. 

Melchior Sultana goes deep, like really, really, really deep. His latest EP for Three Fingerz Musique is enchanting and elegant as he guides us through melancholic pads and lush percussion. Listen to "Stroy" below:

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Deep within the hills of Italy lay a great temple. It's golden ceiling glimmered from above as it poked its head through the mystical treetops. Inside the temple lay paintings showcasing decades of history and art. It lay undiscovered and unfound, it had sat peacefully tucked away from the world since the war had broken out. One day it would be turned into a pristine tourist attraction and all of the history would be replaced by the marching pitter patter of feet on marble. However, for now it remained still and eerie. 

Enzo Avitabile is remixed by Ransom Note's very own brother from another lover Bawrut on a new EP for Silencio. He delivers a tropically inspired acid workout complete with percussion and a low end rumble. Listen below:

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The galaxy sprawled before them like a wacky maze. The bobbing spaceship bounced furiously between the stars like a ball aunched from a pinball machine. The destination in which they were headed you might ask? Planet Vunder-baum. It was supposed to be a magical place where the zig zogs lived up high above the craters. The planets atmosphere was a whirlwind of bubbles and clouds. All of this had been promised to the crew who had undertaken the rocket ships maiden voyahe. Now, some million miles into the darkest galaxy of space, they longed to touch down upon what would soon be their new home. 

Benjamin Finger is about to release a new album titled '10' on Sellout! Music. The release sees the Norwegian artist blend jazzy avant garde alongside electronic music. Listen to "Planet Vunder-Baum" below:

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The forest was damp and the smell of rain rose between the trees. The cabin was far removed from the world outside, those inside were unaware of the war, crime and poverty which had flushed all good from the world. Here within the forest amidst the smell of sandalwood they were at one with nature. Some called them hippies, others thought them strange, but they did not care for the thoughts and tears of others. The jungle floor was all which they needed to make them happy day by day. The whole damn world may as well be theirs for all they cared, who was anyone to tell them otherwise?

Aquarium is the latest artist to feature on X-Kalay. He leads the new sub label, Silver Lake, forward in a new direction as he unveils an ambient album of beautiful pads, soundscapes and dreamy visions. Listen to "Sandalwood" below:

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The words fell from the pages as she began to read. The book of life told a beautiful story, it was a tale of mystery and intrigue. As she read she dreamt of a life in which the spectacular visions were a reality. The grassy fields shone a dense green in the golden glow of the sunlight. Flowers blew hazily in the autumn breeze and peace lay across the land. In this place there was no fear, no trouble, no strife, the book told simply a story of joy, the book of life. 

Karim Sahraoui returns with an inspired EP for OFF Recordings. Having released to critical acclaim on Transmat, Cocoon and more he delivers two tracks which sees the artist in fine form. Listen to 'Book Of Life' below:

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The chaos which can occur within ones brain is wild, a mania of the mind so to speak. The disorientation was overwhelming as he lay on the wooden floor of the large hall. As he looked up to the ceiling he began to observe swirling patterns, dotted colours and figments of his imagination. A bird flew freely between the walls, its wings flapping loudly in the vast empty space. The walls began to bend and warp, they were rigid no more and suddenly the place was alive with the warwhoops of insanity. He had not ever imagined that life might exist in such a manner, but now he was under its spell there would be going back. Let the mania commence. 

Jorkes are a Munich based duo with a penchant for creating the odd. Their latest release on Freeride Millenium sees them create an enchanting groove with an erotic twist as they rework their own track with a 'Lovegasm' version. Listen to the edit of "Mindemania" below:

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The stars flickered against the dark sky. Deep within the realms of inner space they soared. The rocket ship would take them to spectacular new heights and see them contest the very nature of time itself. This was another dimension to which few back home could claim to understand, let alone say they had travelled. In a search for new life they had risen through the clouds in a great ball of fire: televised and famous the whole world had watched them climb further and further into the atmosphere above. Now, looking back, earth was but a mere dot on a vast landscape, space sprawled before them and they were most certainly far from home.

Niro offers up four tracks on a new EP for PADS. Lush, dreamy and moody there is a mature approach taken towards the dancer throughout the release. Listen to "Inner Space" below:

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It's always nice when you get a bonus. Like on them chocolate bars with 25% extra free. I remember it loads with Yorkies. Or is that just my brain playing tricks on me.  Remember when Quality Street felt like a bonus? I use the when because look where we're at with them now…

Anyway, moving swiftly on, this a right little tasty bonus from Richard Rogers' new EP on his own label Black Booby – a bit of a favourite around these parts we'll have you know. This is an extended mix of BB-05's bonus track entitled funnily enough That Bonus Track which samples Suzanne vega the B2 and is a right little beauty. Elsewhere on the EP there's nu wave Sprinkles-ness and deep jack trax.

Check That Bonus Track here: 

Full details of the whole EP from your lovely Manchester institution Picadilly Records

Lovely stuff! Bonus even… 


The bank had been problematic. The hold up hadn't worked. Currency was such a problem to those who had little and a burden to those whose pockets were lined with gold. Their guns had caught the attention of the staff but had ceased to scare the office chief. He had refused to transfer the funds to the account in question and now they were simply stood like a pair of spares in the large empty hall. Marble lined the walls and the floor upon which they stood, this place made them sick. How could an institution with so much struggle to give anything back to those who sat outside the grand palace with nothing. It was time to transfer the currency. 

Gross Net are about to release thei debut album through Touch Sensitive Records on the 25th of November. Drawing upon elements from punk, techno and disco their output is inspired. Listen to "Currency Transfer" below: 

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He walked the busy streets as the rain crashed against his face. He drifted through the crowds as they marched down the sprawling roads. Between buildings loomed the shadows from the clouds above, they cast a black and hollow spell upon a city which was now rife with corruption and chaos. As he drifted between the blisffully ignorant he pondered whether they even knew or cared of what went on in the hierarchy which surrounded them. Many of them were lost under the influence of authority, what was the point in their fightback? It would be crushed within a second despite the strength of their attempts. The way out was blocked. 

Traela is the latest artist to release on HHATRI. The label has previously released music from the likes of Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yakota. Traela's EP is a dynamic wave of deep house, techno and world music influenced soundscapes. Listen to "Drifting" below:

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