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Spooky J has been part of the Blip Discs family since day one. R$N have an exclusive video of Spooky J playing a live set with a root vegetable kick drum, which has got to be worth a watch, right? Spooky J provides the spookiness on Blip Discs's 4th release Limbo Yam/Pfer which is out now. We also sent some emails back and forth to find out a bit more about Blip Discs – the live instrumentation focused dance music label. Have a read below.

Thanks to Grace Holyoake-Ward for filming the video. Check out Blip Discs on Bandcamp here

PREMIERE: Fever Trails – Draw Me

The way in which she sketched was hypnotic. As the pencil etched across the paper her eyes glanced quickly upwards towards a subject in the distance. It was as if the trees were inviting her to capture this moment in time. "Draw me" they bellowed in the breeze. The sun looked fondly down from the skies above casting a golden light on the scattered autumn leaves. The grass beneath the old birch lay littered with orange and red like a crusty sea. Her pencil caught it all, observational yet distant and removed. She let out a small sigh and carried on, it had been a long day and the light would soon die. Her drawing must wait. 

Fever Trails recently unveiled a new track titled "Draw Me" which was met with a warm critical reception. Maxime Alexander steps up to remix the work leading the sound in a forward thinking direction. Released on South African label Quit Safari, listen to the remix below:

The track can be grabbed HERE

PREMIERE: TELESKOP – Eta Carinae (Sparky Remix)

The dark pub grew quiet as the midnight hour approached. Etched above the door were the words "Eta Carinae", nobody knew what they meant but their foreboding presence cast a chill deep into the blackened night. Outside, amidst the streets of Glasgow, crowds had begun to gather triumphantly in proud, righteous protest. The night was very much theirs and the weekend had begun. Those concrete streets would soon be swamped by a merry dance, a beautiful ritual and a joyous regime. There was no town quite like it at night, a tranquil paradise, a wild and chaotic jungle. 

2Sox are a label operating out of Glasgow town, a city we have a soft spot for given our editor's roots. Sparky appears on remix duties as he reworks Teleskop's "Eta Carinae". Listen to his interpretation below:

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PREMIERE: The Kloom – 40 Gram Beton (Khidja Remix)

The weight was difficult to fathom. It made no sense, the collateral damage would be excessive and the result would be one of impending doom. The concrete glimmered grey under the floodlights, they sat perched upon a park bench simply watching the world go by. The pressure of such a decision weighed heavy upon his shoulders but she sat peacefully by his side as though nothing was wrong. Looking out into the distance they watched the flickering glow of the city lights, they seemed a million miles away from them now. Up out here in the distant blocks nothing seemed real, not under the weight. 

Malka Tuti return with a new EP from The Kloom. Remixes are aplenty on this one with the likes of Khidja and Die Wilde Jagd both featuring. Listen to the Khidja remix below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Gonima – Subdivided

Deep beneath the sea swam the vessel. They were well beyond enemy territory now, they were fishing in the waters of the villain and if they were to be caught then peril would soon follow. They knew they should not have travelled this far but the sea can do funny things to peaceful men. They were looking to engage, to interact, to breach the peace. Many aboard the submarine had been divided upon the plan of attack but they all agreed upon one thing: the regime must be broken and its wickedness halted. The murky waters offered them an opportunity which ceased to exist elsewhere. This was the time. 

Gonima is the first artist to appear on a new vinyl based record label titled Slam City Jams. Operating out of Munich the label has been founded by the duo more commonly known as Rhode & Brown who have most notably released on Toy Tonics. The release itself is deep and elegant. Listen to 'Subdivided' below:

The release is forthcoming HERE

PREMIERE: Nekhsa – Some Jan (DJ Spider Remix)

The opening month was always the most difficult time of year. The cold wind howled down the misty morning streets and ice lay glazed upon the concrete. As he watched from his bedroom window he looked down upon the people walking to work. Their lives were so busy, so rushed, so hectic, so tense. Some January this would be, the coldest yet they'd said. Up here in the far north it was hard to find work, or the energy to survive, let alone prosper during the winter season. Some January this would be indeed. 

Nekhsa delivers Spinning Plates' third release. The highly anticipated record follows two well received EP's which first appeared on the label back in 2015. The release sees the talents of New York's DJ Spider who ramps up the pace in his own trademark style. This one is packed with weird fuzz and sludgey undertones. Listen to DJ Spider's remix of 'Some Jan' below: 

The record will be released on the 10th of October. Follow Spinning Plates on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: Arnheim – Come Into Rain

The warmth of the summer season had begun to fade. Soon the plains would be full of lush green grass and flying birds. Rainy season approached and the hardship of the drought was almost over. The struggle of a community stranded amidst the desert was not deemed important on the global scene. They were a forgotten people. As she watched the clouds move slowly across the sky she wondered when the first drop might fall from above. She longed for the feel of the cold damp upon her skin, she longed to come into rain. It would be any day now, but for tonight the people would have to wait. 

Arnheim is set to release a two track EP on the newly launched label, Baptismo Alpinismo. The label is an offshoot of Isaiah Tapes and sees Arnheim take an eclectic approach with percussive drums and subtle padding. Listen to 'Come Into Rain' below:

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PREMIERE: 2 Bad Mice – Gone Too Soon

Club life would never be the same again now that he had left the building. He was gone and so too would this place be very soon. The world mourned the last dancer, out the door he had walked never to return to a floor in which he had spent many a night lost under the glowing lights and disco balls. His movement had been legendary, the talk of the town. Now all that was left was an eerie shadow and an empty space where he had used to stand. This night was for him, they would move in honour. The night had only just begun. Let's ride. 

UK pioneers, rave fanatics and living legends 2 Bad Mice return with a bang. Social Sneaker Club release the first EP from the three since 2004 in what marks a landmark occasion for UK rave culture. Listen to "Gone Too Soon" from the forthcoming EP below:

The release is expected in November later this year. 

PREMIERE: MiddleSkyBoom & Eliezer – Prism Birds

The chamber was alive with the sporadic sound of nature. Trapped within the prism the birds sung freely, their cries echoing against the glass walls in which they flew. From outside people watched with an admiration beyond description. How they wished that they too could fly so freely amongst the air, landing on the tallest points of reach. They longed to soar above the world in the same way as these doves floated inside the happy walls. White and elegant they rocketed between branches, their wings fluttering on the cool evenings breeze. The prism birds were beautiful. 

Middleskyboom and Eliezer feature on the latest release from the Days Of Being Wild camp. They deliver an ep which follows in the slow moving sensibilities often adopted by the likes of Andrew Weatherall. Listen to 'Prism Birds' below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Dreems & Jamie Blanco – Percussive Racing Cars

The roar of engines screamed from within the stadium. Crowds had travelled from far and wide to attend the final race of the multiplatinum mechanics series. Their noise echoed in the cauldron as a growing sense of anticipation boiled amongst the spectators. This place was a fortress and each man had come to win. Tools clattered against concrete as the teams prepared each motor, it was percussive, rattling and euphoric. Soon they would take to the track and race for their life. The sun had begun to set upon the desert, the spotlights of the stadium illuminating the golden sand. The track was lit. 

Dreems & Jamie Blanco appear on a forthcoming EP for Futureboogie. "Studio Glucose" sees them deliver three eclectic dancefloor cuts along with an accompanying Moscoman remix. The release is expected on the 30th of September. Listen to "Percussive Racing Cars" below:

Buy the release HERE

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