Premiere Inn: Round Up 06.05.16


Autarkic – Asi Keta Ga

The waterfall poured over the cliff face down to the murky pools of the jungle floor below. The water trickled slowly downstream before crashing against the rocks like some monstrous rumbling drum. Green moss hung loosely clinging to the wall, fighting the weighty presence of the water which crashed against its bearings. The jungle was awake.

The latest release from the Disco Halal gang is set to land and it comes in the form of an LP from Autarkic. There has been an interesting surge of hype and intrigue surrounding what will be the labels first full length release. Listen to 'Asi Keta Ga' below:

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Kiani & His Legion – Voigt Kampff

The gate sat unhinged amidst the open field. The long grass blew in the wind as the dying sun set across the meadows. Deep in the outer reaches of the German outback nobody could find them here. The woods loomed in the distance where night would fall and the party would gather. They would dance until the small hours before the sun came up and they would be free. 

Here is the latest release from Somewhere Happening Somewhere which features three tracks from Kiani & His Legion alongside an inspired remix from Fatima Yamaha. Listen to 'Voigt Kampff' below:

Forthcoming HERE.

Chris Moss Acid – DP Acid

The gurgle rumbled in the basement cellar. It could be heard across the city and the distorted groans of the underbelly would continue to roar for as long as the acid would allow now. The clatter of drains upon concrete left a clattering tone in the ears of all who listened, the acid rolled chundering on. Acid, acid, acid. 

Here is the latest release from Jerome Hills Don't Recordings / Swerving The Community crew who have just released a four track EP from Chris Moss Acid. Squelchy sounds from England. It bangs. Listen below:

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Prostitutes – Haunt Me & Taunt Me

The mirror hung from the bathroom wall at a crooked angle. The ghost on the other side of the glass would stick its ugly neck out from time to time to haunt and taunt. It whispered in his ear as he stared at the ominous reflection. It was merely a grainy shadow, but the power that it held weighed heavy on his mind like a block of stone. It shattered all illusions. 

Here is the latest release from the CGI Records camp coming straight from Atlanta. This one is full of character and wonderfully malicious. Listen to Prostitutes' 'Haunt Me And Taunt Me' below:

The record is forthcoming HERE.

VFR – Peopless

The crowds gathered on the shore. There were people of all races, nationalities, colours, creeds, ages, genders and beyond. The diversity was strong amidst the community of the island. People here did not discriminate, there was no hatred, only love. The dying embers of the fire burnt slowly by the moving tide and they gathered to watch, a community at peace, a people as one. 

That Place Records are based in Lyon, France. Over the past year they have been releasing music alongside a bold blue and white visual representation which has left us intrigued. Previous releases have featured the likes of MZKBX, Visitors For Reworks, House Mannequin and Juliano. The latest release comes from VFR who delivers three choice techno cuts with a melancholic drive which left us enchanted. Listen below: 

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Brandt Brauer Frick – Holy Night

There is a lot to be said for artists who still put time and effort into creating a visual representation in accompaniment to their music. Brandt Brauer Frick released their latest EP titled 'Holy Night And Poor Magic' on Because last month and now we are delighted to be able to showcase the video which sits alongside the record. Watch below:


April 16th 2016 – ARTE Concert – La Gaite Lyrique – Paris, FR

May 7th 2016 – Dresdener Musikfestspiele – BBF Ensemble – Dresden, DE

June 3rd 2016 – Deboto Festival – Sibenik, HR

Dices & AEM Rhythm Cascade – Hologram

The flickering light illuminated the forecourt of the airport mall. On the other side of the glass window the engines of flying machines whirred as they prepared to jetset towards destinations unknown. Sunnier climates awaited those who would travel but the hologram would remain a part of this place of departure for as long as days would allow: observed by travellers the world over, it was simply a beam of light in a dim space. Flash, flash, flash.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to introduce to you the first record from the 12th Isle crew: Glasgow upstarts with knowledge which far surpasses our own. For years they have been running parties in the basements of dive bars and beyond, spreading weird and wonderful music with the masses. This year sees them launch their label. Listen to 'Hologram' below:

Follow 12th Isle on Facebook HERE. Pre-Order the release HERE.

Alan Dente – Dark Nebula

Alan Dente is a fiend. Not only is he a member of Parisian tastemakers Les Yeux Orange (and if you haven't been checking out their superb blog you need to right away; they know all the good tunes…), Dente has now proved to be as good at writing modern Italo classics as he is at spotting 'em. Having already released on Red Laser Records, Dente has now dropped a 4 track 12" for Dutch disco supporters Bordello A Parigi. Titled the Dark Nebula EP, we've been given the title track to share with you today, and it's all you'd want; urgent cowbells, loungelizard basslines, dreaming synth and endless arpeggios spiralling to the cosmos…

Dark Nebula is available from Bordello here

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