Premiere Inn – round up 6.11.15


All the week's lovely exclusives on R$N rounded up in one bite sized package… mmmmtasty. 

Mallone & Arne Spremberg – Tesla

Techno's pretty big in Berlin, who knew? Yeah I'm not lying, they REALLY love it over there as proven by the birth of Schackal, a Berlin-based independent label which focuses on releasing music designed for the cities nightlife shenanigans. Their most recent cut comes from long-time friends and Berlin natives Mallone andArne Spremberg who release the 3 track EP Minos on 16th November. 
Taken from the EP's B-side we have the exclusive stream of Tesla, a slightly less brain rattling affair laden designed for the 10am Sunday crowd. Take a listen below. 

You can pre-order the EP on JunoDecks, most good record stores and potentially some rubbish ones too.

Nas1 – Kokooo

Heralded by the likes of Session Victim and Henry Wu (no, not the Dr. from Jurassic Park) Berlin-based label Odd Socks have been pushing futuristic space funk on the masses since their inception in 2012. Their next release comes from Bologna's Nas1 who, while sharing their name with one of the greatest rappers alive, also deliver four storming tracks for the label with their Woodside EP. 
Merging influences from Lone-esque hip hop, the cosmic edges of Detroit techno and a sprinkling of E-Funk Nas1 are someone to keep your eye on, and we have an exclusive stream of the EP's opener Kokooo below. Ears, enjoy. 

Listen to more Nas1 via their Soundcloud and Facebook page. 

Spaces – Chase Back

Spaces get in between words allowing us to read at great speed, give us room to station our motor vehicles so that we don't have to drive round and round in circles for the rest of our lives, they make sure our world is not one huge compact mush like something that's jumped straight out of Wall-E…

We think you'll agree that spaces are pretty important, crucial in fact. Sometimes, 'you just need space' or in this case, you need Spaces.

Since his debut EP 'One', Spaces released his 4 track EP titled 'Potential' which picked up support from Bjork, who had him co-write and produce the final track on her album, 'Vulnicura'. Now he's back with 'Two' – released on Bleep Recordings – the second in a trilogy of releases (no prizes for guessing the name of the third release). Here we get to listen to 'Chase Back', the second track taken from 'Two'.

Spaces – Two (Bleep / BLP006) is out in its entirety this Friday. Pre-Order here

Cabaret Nocturne – Blind Trust

Chapping on the door to wake me, YOU CUNT. 
I have been waiting here all night. 
You could've picked me up. 
Oh, she had more "strings" to her did she? She can fuck off, am telling you.
I don't wanna hear about her ways. 
You know you love it this way, get a grip and hold my neck. 
Make it dirty baby. Make me throb. 
Like when we first met. 

Rotten Citizens Vol. 1 is released on 9th November via Rotten City Records

Debukas – Carloway

Carloway exists in that mystical dream utopia that fires the imagination of all great house music. Composed of carefully delineated elements; a snaking bassline, some classic piano chords, synth brass that reaches for the sky, the track has the simplicity and wide eyed beauty of an unearthed mid 80s gem.

With Debukas also scheduled an appearance of the forthcoming Poker Flat comp Forward to the Past 3, the Glaswegian's star is on the rise. Carloway is taken from his new EP, Dream Travel, coming this November from his own label 2Sox. We're fairly sure this record is going to sell out, so you'd probably best not wait around to grab a copy – pre-orders are over here.

Bruno Pronsato presents Archangel – L.A. Teen (Oliver Coates Version 'X')

Despite the name LA Teen,this Oliver Coates remix of Bruno Pronsato seems far more suited to the enveloping grey of the London's November sky. With Coates' mournful cellos giving way to half heard vocal garbles and looping, blues infused percussion reminiscent of Underworld's Second Toughest in the Infants, LA Teen flits between the demands of techno and neo-classical with ease, existing in a world both nervy and curiously warm. Best listened to whilst wrapped up tightly indoors, staring out at the brittle branches of winter trees.

The remix is taken from Bruno Pronsato's forthcoming EP Archangel – The Bedroom Slant Versions, an accompaniment to Pronsato's 2014 debut album Archangel. Tracklisting on the EP runs as follows:

1. Blue Eyes Blind/This Romance
2. Half-Man Half-Lisa (Peter Gordon Version)
3. Julia (Dean Blunt "On, Wine, Hashish and Molly" Version)
4. L.A. Teen (Live) (Oliver Coates Version "X")

Find out more on the Foom Records Bandcamp

Split Secs – Reaft ft. Alona (Hardway Bros Remix)

Better late than never… This November sees Split Secs – aka Alexandre Mouracade a.k.a SONNS and Travis Kirschbaum (TK DISKO) – bring out their first 12" of 2015. Dropping on their own Machine Limited label, the original is a cheeky pumper that channels the loose percussion and chanted vocals of the kind of post punk running NYC in the mid 80s. The 12" comes with a selection of remixes, and today we're giving you the nasty lil grinder Hardway Bros have come up with. Taking their cues from the gnarliest of Belgian techno, Hardway have ramped everything up to kill, and unleashed a monster. And here it is…

The React 12" is available from November 13th from all the usual stockists. Keep up with Split Secs on Soundcloud here

Kex YM – Bump Into The Sky

OK, so this premiere from Kez YM has got it all going on. The Tokyo based producer is making deep house, and that's deep house ladies and germs – genuinely deep, musical, wild house music, house music that, played loud enough, could start a chic riot. He's got freefalling percussion clattering over slightly sickly jazz chords and the whole thing feels like it's seconds away from falling apart. It never does. This is Drunken Master house with the heaviest of basslines…

Bump Into the Sky is taken from Kez's 4 track Solidity EP, out soon on City Fly Records. pre-order a copy from over here.

My experiences of the Eastern World are essentially non-existent. Well, when I say non-existent I obviously mean pretty life affirming as my greatest experience of that world comes from the Beaconsfield Services just of the M40. It's a treasure trove of overpriced greasy offerings made for the glutinous slob in all of us, allowing you to eat a Big Mac stuffed with Gregg's sausage rolls while enjoying cheap ales at Wetherspoons before presumably careering off the road two hours into your journey to the Cotswolds. Anyway, that's my experience of the east but Jori Hulkkonen has a slightly different take on it which he's decided to lock down in musical form with Songs Of The Eastern World

Coming from Jori Hulkkonen 'Songs Of The Eastern World' is an ode to being locked inside a video game, or at least that's how I'm interpreting it. The 8-minute remix comes from Heretic who applies some heavy acid dosage over rolling pads that just scream 'mmmm, so lush'. Give yourself a musical ear enema with the premiere below. 

Jori Hulkkonen's Oh But I Am Remixes is released on My Favourite Robot Records on 13th November so cop that on Beatport. Discover more Jori over on his Facebook and Soundcloud.

It's a common saying where I'm from, the north, that 'everything is better with acid'. 'Hmm this meal is nice but it could do with more acid' would be a common phrase thrown around the dinner table at Christmas. My Nan would get upset because she thinks I'm insulting her cooking until I simply utter 'but Nan, everything's better with acid' and we would all let out a hearty laugh and gather round the piano for a festive family rendition of Tronco Traxx's C.U.N.T.

Someone who shares this mentaility is Rydim whose upcoming release on Just Jack gets a firm acid wobbling from Detroit's Jared Wilson. AND WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE. Shove it in your ears below. 

Rydim's 'Lean Bow' is released on vinyl-only 9th November on Just Jack Records from Deejay, Unearthed Sounds, some good record stores and probably some pish ones too.