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Djs Pareja & Bryan Kessler – Detona

This one's a little bit special – a glorious meshing of minds between Argentinian dance floor legends Djs Pareja and Cologne's finest Bryan Kessler. Fresh from recent releases on Cómeme and Numbers respectively, they've now teamed up for the Detona EP on Sanfuentes Records. Early support from the likes of Michael Mayer, John Talabot and Trevor Jackson.

We're very happy to be premiering the title track – a no-holds-barred runaway mine cart of a record, all barrelling drum loops and murderous bass. It's absolutely relentless and no surprise it's found its way into so many respected DJs' crates. Listen below:

Detona is out 11th August on Sanfuentes Records.

Leo james – Punishment

Following recent releases for Neubau and Berceuse Heroique, Melbourne-based DJ/producer Leo James returns to his own Body Language label with the 3 track Punishment Capital EP. It's an exciting, assured mix of techno, minimal wave and electro with a greyed-out post-punk tinge, and you need to hear it now.

Oh, what's that? You can hear it now? Yes, as we're very happy to be premiering lead track 'Punishment'. A springy slice of slow-mo industrial with bizarro dubbed out vocals that invoke a prayer for the dead, and surprisingly wispy synths that lift the track halfway through. Listen below:

Punishment Capital is out 28th August on Body Language, pre-order here.

Bat-Bike – Trapped In The Net

It's summer and the weather is shite. What better way to descend into July gloom than embracing the stoned, downer folk of Bat-Bike's Trapped in the Net. A b-side that nearly disappeared into the ether, the track was recorded during the sessions that led to the South London garage band's Getting Back album – now it's getting the attention it deserves with a beautiful video shot on a heat sensitive camera. A departure from their more ramshackle punk, this is possibly our favourite release from the band, and points to a depth that bodes well for the album – 

FACT FANS! Josh from the band has told us that "the trumpet in the track is a friend of mine Jake Stoddart from the band dont problem- we used to be in a duo called Shrink Rat together before bat-bike…" We think the trumpet sounds great. More trumpet! 

The full Bat-Bike album is gonna be available on their Bandcamp – check it out over here 

NEP – Decadance (Original 1989 Version)

The villa was packed with luxury items and elegant attire. Fancy aristocrats and glamorous divas walked proudly between rooms in a celebration of "decadance" and profitability. The view from the sprawling estate was spectacular, it looked down upon the bay below as the waves roared against the cliff face. Up on the hillside a party was underway, dancing was encouraged but not compulsory. The music echoed through the glow of the evening air. 

NEP's "Decadence" is being reissued by Fox and His Friends. Originally recorded in 1989 the track is a sought after slow moving cut which works bizarrely well on the dancefloor. Listen below: 

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BufoBufo – Parasol

The wind blew fiercely in from the sea, the parasol shook uncertainly beneath the strain of the summer breeze. Beneath the shade lay the most beautiful girl to ever grace these sands, the locals were stunned by her magnificent elegance and sophistication. Out at sea boats rocked upon the waves, their glimmering white frames glistening beneath the heat of the sun. Their shadowy reflection reverberated in the shimmering blue which moved beneath. 

BufoBufo is a mysterious alias, a mystery project with sparkling intrigue. Ritual Poison are set to release a new EP in the form of "What's That Noise?" Listen below: 

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Lemonade – Dancer On The Shore

The city was quiet and still during the whirlwind of the midnight hour. Those with work in the morning lay sleeping underneath the cover of darkness whilst those with little else to go found themselves as simple dancers upon the shore. In the distance there was a little fire ablaze upon the beachfront, the smoke billowed softly into the darkness until it was no longer visible, diluted by the cleanliness of the sky up above. The stars glimmered in the distance. 

Lemonade originally emerged in 2008. Sun kissed pop with a balearic sensibility, purpose built for the summer months. "Dancer On The Shore" is re-released and reimagined by Jex Opolis and Whatever/Whatever on a new EP. Listen to the originl below:

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Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young – NOW (Playgroup Remix)

There is no time like the present. The noise was deafening as he came to this conclusion backstage. Before the show he was a nervous wreck, a troubled soul who was supposed to be so much more beneath the glow of lights and the bustling cheers. Outside the shadows sat watching from their red velvet chairs, their faces were a blur amidst the spacious expanse. Whispers flickered between outlines as the orchestra prepared to play. 

Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young of Liquid Liquid collaborate on a new track simply titled "NOW". The release is then elegantly remixed by Playgroup amongst others. Listen Here: 

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Hi & Saberhägen – Redacted

Hi & Saberhägen are two of the most intriguing musicians to emerge from the North as of late. The pairs moody take on melancholic house and twisted electronics has led them to releasing on Huntleys & Palmers, Proibito, Yume and more. Lo Recordings recently unveiled a new EP titled "Acid Finger", a beautiful assortment of moody house and woozy, wonky beats. The release may well be one of their most accomplished to date. 

The EP is expected to be released on the 4th of August next week and is accompanied by a new music video produced by Alex Gibbs. We are delighted to be able to premiere the video, a rare visual treat with intriguing movements and oddball cuts. 

Watch below: 

Buy the release HERE. Stream on Spotify HERE. Follow the pair on Facebook HERE

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