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The rain fell harder and faster. Heavy droplets of water that soaked him to his very core. Yet still, he kept on running. His clothes sodden and his hair drenched. There was no turning back. He ran faster still up to the top of the hill where the house once stood, turning to glance over his shoulder only once. He reached the top unscathed and collapsed on the water-logged grass beneath him in a fit of laughter and relief.

It is with much excitement that we can present to you an exclusive look at the new video for 'Coils Of Living Synthesis' from Cooper's album 'Chromos'- a collaborative project between Cooper and researchers from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge- Mikhail Spivakov, Peter Fraser and Csilla Varnai in which Cooper translates scientific ideas into uadio-visual art. Watch the video from Andy Lomas and Jennifer Tividad below:

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For more info on the project head HERE.


Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.

We are mega pleased to have the pleasure of premiering Justin Van Der Volgen's mega mix of Shit Robot's 'Lose Control', forthcoming on My Rules records.

Listen to Justin's mega mix of 'Lose Control' below:



Here's a lovely treat for your Thursday afternoon – a new track from UK composer and pianist Matt Emery on London/Brighton label Injazero Records.

'Polycrates' is (presumably) named after the Ancient Greek warrior-tyrant who ruled over the Aegean Sea in the 6th century BC. At one stage, fearing insurrection amongst his people, Polycrates manned his 40-strong navy with men who he considered to be politically dangerous and sent them to attack the Persian king Cambyses II… having already forged a secret alliance with Cambyses and asked him to destroy the navy! Ultimately the plan failed, but still… what a power play…

Oh yes, the track! It's a real corker. Emery's delicate, haunting piano figures lead a sombre procession with rainy day ambience hovering in the background. Listen below, accompanied by dope artwork from Tyler Hobbs. Emery is releasing his debut album on Injazero later this year, and on this evidence, it's definitely one to look forward to.


Waella's Choice is a brand new label founded by Aaron from Stamp The Wax, Will from comm.une and Andy from Dimensions Festival.

Out 2nd June, their first release will be the Bounce EP, courtesy of Sound Signature affiliate Warren Harris aka Hanna. With early support from K15 and Gilles Peterson, his is lush, soulful house at its finest, aimed at "[helping] us return to an elegant way of life", according to Harris himself.

Below you can listen to 'No Fear', an exemplary cut that kicks off with thumping drums and gaseous vocals before a syrupy-sweet bassline slithers its way into the mix. "If you want to play, I don't mind" goes the vocal hook, and typing this with the sun streaming in through the skylight it feels like summer might really have arrived for good this time.

Bounce is out 2nd June on Waella's Choice. Pre-order here.


The writing was etched delicately upon the paper. The notes featured a series of hectic scribbles and a disorientated array of etchings. It was wild and hideously sacred. Within the temple the duty old book sprawled open upon the grand table, the rest of the building was in disarray and incredibly messy. Yet it resembled a pillar of strength amongst dangerous times. 

Aybee returns with some seriously assertive house cuts on DMK. This EP has been causing quite the stir. We are delighted to be able to premiere "Notes" exclusively below: 

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The noise rattled within the jungle. The green leaves bounced in time with the beat as nature sprung to life in the morning sunshine. The damp rose between the trees turning to steam in the heat of the morning glow as wildlife scattered between the beanstalks. The sky was a dreamy shade of pink but it would soon be blue, much like the waters which surrounded the tropical island. This was paradise and a place called home.

It is with much delight that we are able to premiere an exclusive new track from Superpitcher on Hippie Dance. Keep an eye out for more Hippie Dance affiliated content in the coming weeks. That's a hint. Listen to "Burkina" below:

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The night sky held a humble elegance as feathers flapped in the breeze. The moon bird was illuminated by the glow of the white orb from up above. Down below the earth whizzed past with a flash as the cries of the evening echoed between city streets. A long flight would see the bird travel North, away from this place and towards distant lands. There was a cool chill in the midnight hour despite the ruthless warmth of the summer months. Little could deter the progress of the bird amidst the ominous dark. 

Abe is set to release a gorgeous sun kissed EP on ROIT Records. The release features an array of elegant house purpose built for tropical climates. Listen to "Moon Bird" below: 

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The number was emblazoned in illustrious writing upon the back of his shirt. As he ran desperately through the green grass he cast his mind back to days gone by, days long before he found himself to be number seven. Life was ever so simple back then and sport was but a game played amongst friends. Nowadays he found himself swamped by the glittering lights of camera flashes and the far fetched tales which surfaced each day. It was time to go underground. 

Kaye is remixed as part of a new EP from Ensemble. The multi instrumentalist from Singapore is remixed and reimagined by Gratts & NIBC Dwaallicht upon a release which seems to be very family focussed indeed. Listen below: 

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The city lights bounced against the moving glass. The windscreen was a flickering array of colour from the glow of billboards and the sound of the night. Millions of people lived here but somehow he still felt incredibly alone and vulnerable. It's always the same when moving to a new city, the hope fades, the dream becomes a nightmare as the fees and promises begin to pile high. He opened the window and the breeze rattled inside the metal shell. 

Turbotito is set to release a new EP on bORDEL. It is accompanied by an array of intriguing remixes from both Max Pask and Mondowski. Listen to Max Pask's version below: 

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Within his mind the loops were beginning to sound. Chaos was all around, he danced long through the night doing the simple brain dance for all to see. In this place there was no judgement and a sense of curious self exploration, they would move long into the early hours. The music played loudly, the tropical drums banging furiously in the grand hall. They moved in time with the relentless percussion as the anticipation grew and grew. This was the place. 

Jascha Hagen is set to release a tropical inspired EP on Global Warming, most apt for the summer months. It also features a rather exotic remix from Dj Steef. Listen below: 

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