Premiere Inn: 23.02.18


Pijarski – Don't Look Back

Oslo-based producer Pijarski has a two-track EP called Don't Look Back out this week via Beeswax, a new label run by Red Light Radio's Ben Stings.

We're very happy to be premiering the title track, which sparkles and fizzes with all the effervescence of a rogue catherine wheel. Skippy 2-step drums, gloopy bass and sky-kissing vocal clips – it's a winning combination alright, one that's got me praying for winter to finally get lost for good. Listen below:

Don't Look Back is out now via Beeswax, buy it here.

Santiago Salazar – October 17

The calendar highlighted key dates spread out across the year, it was important for an international flight into space to be as rigidly booked as possible with all passengers logged early. SS1 would take flight on the 17th of October later this year and there was an heir of expectancy about the spacecrafts maiden voyage towards Mars. This was the chosen planet by earthlings, the second home if you will, a holiday island amidst the tropical outback of the wild universe…

Santiago Salazar and Esteban Adame are about to release a split EP on Dj Bone's record label, Subject Detroit. The pair have an all star heritage in Detroit techno having collaborated as Ican and as former members of Galaxy 2 Galaxy. As expected this one is pure quality. Listen to a track from Santiago Salazar below: 

Buy the release HERE

Mother of Mars – Hera In The Valley

Today's video premiere comes courtesy of Mother of Mars aka Vito & Druzzi. With their Seed 2 Sky release out now and receiving hearty praise from the likes of Optimo, Leftfield, Andrew Weatherall and Trevor Jackson, we're very happy to finally present the suitably stunning visuals for lead track 'Hera In The Valley'.

Created by NYC duo Georgia (aka Brian Close and Justin Tripp), the brain-expanding video provides the perfect accompaniment to Mother of Mars' live krautrock drums and pulsating synth loops.

"This video is a (Visual Binaural Eye Candy Alpha Wave) Rollercoaster," Close explains, "through different juxtapositions of environments + geometric structures, all woven together into time to the rhythm of the track." Check it out below:

Seed 2 Sky is out now on Ransom Note Records.

DJ Windows XP – Breakfast At Wendys

The diner was exceptionally busy as he opened the front door into the plastic coated maze. The smell of bacon radiated from deep inside the restaurant as if it were a part of the very furniture itself. Waitresses ran hurriedly between impatient tables pouring drinks and serving customers. They looked frazzled beneath the artifical glow of the neon lights… Breakfast at Wendys was always a finely tuned affair, a cultural eye opener if you will. 

Dj Windows XP is the latest in a long line of eccentric dj names and perhaps one of our favourites thus far… He releases a new EP on the Live Ones imprint run by Lorca. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Marius Circus – Apt

The rising notes echoed amidst the summer field as the harp was plucked gracefully. Upon the breeze blew a hectic blur of wild grass and fragrant flowers, it was hard to take it all in. Sat beneath the tree she watched as the wild world embraced the sweet escape of summer, families walked whilst friends laughed beneath the glow of the mid morning sun. There was a special sense of elegance and grace which lingered amidst the fresh clean air. This was the time of year….

Marius Circus is set to release a new EP on his own In The Garden label. The EP consists of two light hearted dancefloor cuts perfect for the new year…Listen below: 

Follow him on Facebook HERE

DOTT – Unbreakable

The wooden fence was tall and abrasive, it was designed to cast an ominous sense of presence across the garden. It was an unbreakable force behind which wild things grew and great beasts roamed. Out here in the countryside it had been planted to assist in conservation and for safety principles. In practise it was simply an eyesore which cut man off from the excitement and freedom of the woods which lay in the distance out in the great beyond. 

DOTT is next up to release on the More Rice imprint, an up and coming label which we have taken a fancy for over at Ransom Note headquarters. We showcase the leading track from the new EP below…

Buy the release HERE

ELO – Trans

Here's your discovery of the week and it's only Monday – let us introduce you to Discos Nutabe, a vinyl-only house label from Medellín, Colombia. Out next week, their fourth release is an amazing three-track 12" from Venezuelan artist ELO, who's now based in Bogotá and a resident at the city's Video Club. His "rough on the edges" Visitante EP finds the perfect intersection between techno, acid and house.

We're very happy to be premiering 'Trans', which starts off cruising under clear skies, but as it darts along reveals something of a seasick undercurrent, constantly adding new elements and building quite a head of steam. It's one of those slyly hypnotic tracks that'll reel you in without you even realising it – consider us truly hook, line and sinker'd. Listen below:

Visitante is out 2nd March on Discos Nutabe. Pre-order it here.

Pregnant Women – Ten Ten

Pregnant Women is the electronic recording alias of one Morgan Fox who hails from Sacramento, CA. While you can usually find him making noisy hardcore as part of a band called So Stressed (whose most recent record came out on Wavves' Ghost Ramp label) today's premiere clearly comes from a very different headspace.

Having started life a few years ago as a small ambient sketch, 'Ten Ten' was recently discovered by Fox while moving files to a new computer, and he decided to turn it into a gorgeous slo-mo ambient house cut which nods to artists like Lawrence and Huerco S. with its deftness of execution. Listen to / download 'Ten Ten' below:

Follow Pregnant Women on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Motel77 – DYKWE (Thomass Jackson Remix)

The decision to make Las Vegas the backdrop for his brother’s bachelor party was a real no-brainer. The chemical cocktail responsible for the stench of hedonism doubles as a catalyst for nights you’d never forget, were you sober enough to remember. Right? Everyone knows this. The trouble is, he knew it all too well. It’s been hours since the morning after, and as the sky turns pink, his heart turns heavy and his face turns white with fear. A missing brother means no return on the deposit they put down on that apple-red E-Type.

La Dame Noir breaks its silence and strides gracefully into 2018 with a brand new six-track EP courtesy of Motel77, the accomplished collaborative project of Charp and Thoma Cher. Showcasing their nuanced, low-slung take on disco, it’s accompanied by remixes from Nozz and Thomass Jackson. It’s Jackson’s remix of ‘DKYWE’ that we present to you today. Listen below:

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