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Detroit Swindle ft. Seven Davis Jr – Flavourism (Pépé Bradock's Urgent Spookapella)

The ice cream parlour was closed for one hour at midday during the week. It was at this point the gang would choose to break in, in search of delicate flavourism and under the spooky cover of the darkened shopfront. Inside lay a world of exotic treats and exciting prospects they had yet to discover. In the height of summer there was little better than the cool refreshing flavour of the cream… The sun would have its way in no time and melt all that remained. This was a sweet moment of bliss. 

Detroit Swindle are set to release a new album at the end of May on their own Heist Recordings imprint. Ahead of that they have unveiled a new single featuring Seven Davis Jr. which is accompanied by a remix from none other than French pioneer Pepe Bradock. Listen below: 

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Polymod – No Other

The mysterious Polymod is set to debut on Dusky's 17 Steps imprint with the Polymod EP! So far so anonymous, but the music contained within is anything but. We're very happy to be premiering lead track 'No Other', which looks set to provide some strong competition in the 'song of the summer' stakes. Driven forward by a yearning bassline, with an infectious rave-ready piano loop providing a splash of colour, it's a pastel-hued sunshine smash in the making. Already receiving heavy support from the likes of Kiwi, Dave Harvey, Alan Fitzpatrick, expect to be hearing 'No Other' absolutely everywhere very soon. Check it out below:

Polymod EP is out 20th April via 17 Steps, pre-order it here.

Out 2 – Some Air's Red There

The sky was a faint and hazy sense of spellbound under the misty glow of the streetlights and the towering buildings which loomed overhead. Some air was red out there but it mattered little to the inhabitants of New York City who might as well have been parading through the darkness and smog day by day. Little did they know of the fascinating molecules which allowed for their very existence, let alone what floated wild in the breeze upon the city sky by night. 

When were were presented with this record by Emotional Response it was described as perhaps the label's favourite release to date and of that which they are most proud. Quite a statement considering the back catalogue… You decide. Listen below: 

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Lossy – Blues For Jekyll

Hurtling through the swamp with only the moonlight to guide him, trying not to stumble over the mesh of tree roots, he could hear the barking of dogs in the distance becoming louder and louder. Glancing behind, he was able to make out torch beams cutting through the darkness like knives through hot butter. He could feel the transformation taking place – not much time left before it would take hold of him completely. Desperate to hide from his pursuers, he dived head first into the thick mud and prayed that it would cover his scent.

Out this Friday, Gated Soul is the fourth release from London composer/producer Lossy aka Sam Sharp on his own Boot Cycle Audio imprint! Lossy has previously released on labels including Tru Thoughts and Tessier-Ashpool, and has collaborated with the likes of Zed Bias, Roska and Laura Mvula.

Below you can listen to the new EP's lead track 'Blues For Jekyll', written while Sharp was on tour with a band reimagining DJ Shadow's classic Endtroducing….. album. It's an instantly endearing slice of soulful electro, as swirling synth figures pile up on top of warm chords, bringing to mind a more bucolic Lone. Listen below:

Gated Soul is out 20th April via Boot Cycle Audio, and you can pre-order it here.

Joe Montana – America (1996 Original Mix)

The country had an identity all of its own, whether this was good or bad remained up for debate. A stereotype can be a dangerous thing as America damn well knew, it was difficult to defend the philosophy of a nation whilst attempting to invade another. From the sandy outback of the South through to the towering cities which ruled the world, each had their own sense of what America was and is to them. Who was anyone else to take that away?

Next up we have house music royalty in the form of a fabulous reissue. Joe Montana's "America" returns for the first time in years as Claque Music prepare to revive the love. The EP comes with two new versions by Virgo Four and The Museri. Listen to the original below: 

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Foog – Flying (Justin Van Der Volgen Edit)

Fuelled by hunger and spreading its wings wide, the gannet begins its rapid descent towards the ocean. At the final second it folds its wings back, transforming itself into a streamlined missile and piercing the surface with zero splash. 10/10. Before the sardines even know what's happening the gannet has already emerged with two of them in its mouth, tossing its neck back and swallowing them whole in one impossibly fluid movement.

My Rules is set to release a remix 12" featuring two of label owner Justin Van Der Volgen's takes on Japanese house legend Yukihiro Fukutomi aka Foog's techy club jam 'Flying'. We're premiering the A-side edit, where Justin travels down the road-less-spliced and shortens the track. His subtle drum additions amplify the original's gently bubbling synth motifs, resulting in a classy version that's sure to find a lot of support. Listen below:

Flying is out 23rd April via My Rules, pre-order it here.

Max Richter – A Catalogue Of Afternoons

We are delighted to be able to showcase an exclusive new track from the renowned neo classical producer and maestro of all things ambient. Max Richter is regarded as one of the defining figures of modern contemporary electronic music and has appeared at venues across the globe. 

Next month will mark the release of "The Blue Notebooks" – which is set for re-release on Deutsche Grammophon. Max Richter passed comment on the album as follows: 

“The Blue Notebooks’ is an attempt for music to comment on society and specifically it’s an anti-violence record. It’s a subtle and peaceful protest against political, social, and personal brutality. Sadly it’s still very current today.”

The album was originally recorded back in 2003 in just three hours and has since gone on to receive cult status amidst fans of the genre. The reissue features unheard cuts and it is that which we bring you accompanied by a live performance video today:

See below: 

Pre order the release HERE. Catch a weekend curated by Max Richter at the Barbican HERE

DJ OK – Binary Touch

The messages continued to resonate with him long after he placed his phone down. This was not going to be an easy feat. Getting over someone was always notoriously difficult but via text message had left him high and dry – cold hearted and malicious he had grown sick and tired of the fake and distant world which lived within the cellphone. He did not have the binary touch so to speak, he had a distinct distain towards technology and the world around. 

Dj OK is set to release a new EP on hundert, an EP which channels the beauty of the text message and reimagines the prosperity and depth within dance music. Listen below: 

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Memphis – Untitled

The ground upon which he walked might as well have been solid gold for he was untouchable and delicate upon his feet. Nobody could touch him in such a state, he reigned supreme over the mere mortals who lived amongst his kingdom inside the towering walls of the city. He was the prince and his rule was trict and fierce. He was worshipped in the East and there would be little that the West could do to prevent his rise from mediocrity to angelic. At least so he thought…

Mirror Zone is a newly launched imprint which looks set to be very interesting indeed, the first release comes in the form of a four track EP from the obscure producer Memphis. Originally recorded back in 1994 this one is dance focused with the psychedelic haze of something special from beyond. Listen below: 

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Foreign Sequence – Opening

The door creaked slightly as it softly cast a spiralling light out into the corridor. The opening finally allowed them all to see what had been lurking in the secret room for so many years. The den of intrigue was filled with towering shelves of books, tall lamps and the greenery of dense thick plants. It looked like a study of sorts but he knew that it was much more than that. It was a room in which wild things happened and in which wild beasts grew, even if they were simply ideas. 

Foreign Sequence is the alter ego of Tonotopy who releases on the newly launched French label Post Human Records. The first EP is a woozy blend of glitchy synths and acid sludge. Listen below: 

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