Premiere Inn: 17.04.17


Lukas Lyrestam – Young Bulbs

The bright spark echoed through the midnight sky. The young bulbs flickered amidst the blackened abyss. Space was the place and it was a distant journey back to earth now. All aboard the rocket ship, a party was in full flow as the music bounced between the tin walls. The fire in the engine would never die as they careered through the spectacular sky. This was it, no turning back and the time was now to enter a new dawn. Commencing countdown…

Lukas Lyrestam returns with a new release on his own Clouded House imprint, a spectacularly singular release purpose built for the summer dancefloor. Listen to "Young Bulbs" below: 

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Ralf Nowy – Akili Mali

The echo chamber, ablaze with the cries of tropical birds and creatures of distant lands. A place in which the palm trees cast a humble silhouette against the window panes and the light cascaded as if from the heavens up above. The serenity was a thing of beauty, this place was like a temple to him. It was bleak, distant yet wholesome all in one. All things to all people as it needed to be. The air was elegantly still as the sound of water trickled nearby, breathe in. 

Jan Schulte stirred a great deal of interest around his new compilation upon announcement. "Tropical Drums Of Deutschland" is a carefully curated album full of worldly percussion, the plucks and chimes of life. Listen to a track recorded by Ralf Nowy from the release below which has featured prominently in Jan's sets in recent years. See below: 

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Smagghe & Cross – Paradiso

The distant island was vanishing beyond the range of sight. It was a hypnotic paradise upon which they had spent an eternity, however, now it was time to go. The raging waters swarmed murkily around their tiny shell of a boat. "Paradiso" was the cry as the waters rose ominously around them. The wooden frame shook violently as they huddled together, this was to be the end of island life and their voyage may offer precious little respite from the crushing storm. "Paradiso" was the cry.

It is with some delight that we are now able to bring you an exclusive premiere of a new track on Ransom Note Records. This one has already received wide scale support and critical acclaim with sales moving very fast indeed. Smagghe and Cross take us on a tour of 'Paradiso" accompanied by the vocals of David Junto & Emily Evans. Listen below: 

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General Purpose – Suck Of The Sav

She clung tightly to the bag by her side, heaven forbid anyone might stumble upon its earthly contents. She trembled at the very thought of her deepest and darkest secrets being shockingly revealed to the public. What might they say? What might they think? As she walked upon the concrete she lifted a lipstick from her purse, a suck of the sav if you will. She glanced longingly into the distance, hoping that the road might curve upwards towards the sky within which she could rise. 

General Purpose is the recently founded record label from Australian based producer Len Leise and Salvador Ricardo. This new EP sees them collaborate in a mischievous fashion. Listen to "Suck Of The Sav" below: 

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Blue Hour – Faithful Eventide

In the open space their was the hollow cry of an organ. The faithful eventide, the closing hour was drawing near and soon this would all be over. Outside the leaves were beginning to fall softly from the trees, Autumn was approaching and soon this place would be a radiant garden of orange and gold. The wind began to blow and a chill rumbled through the lakeside park. The building upon the hill watched down upon all of this, little did anyone know of what lurked behind its doors.

Blue Hour caught us off guard with this one. A hypnotic EP packed with graceful twists and turns alongside the rugged enthusiasm of drums and electronics. Listen to "Faithful Eventide" below:

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Hodge & Peder Mannerfelt – All My Love

As she looked through the cracked glass her life began to whimper and fade. She had not expected to die like this, in such grand delusional style in the middle of the city. All of her love was spent and all of my love was gone as I watched her vanish beneath the surface of the burning blaze. As I walked pensively down the illuminated street the sound of sirens echoed fiercely through the darkness of the hollow night. I let out a gasp of air and died. 

Hodge and Peder Mannerfelt, now there is a tag team if we ever heard one. Low driven rumbles and the heavy clatter of percussion run fiercely throughout. 100% recommended. Listen to "All My Love" below: 

The release is forthcoming HERE

James I.V – M Island

The jungle was a perilous place for an untrained explorer. However, he was no mere forest wanderer but a man of expedition and might. He was a man of M.Island and he had trawled the wildest reaches of our earth in search of gold and silver, an explorer in the most enigmatic of senses. As the rain began to pour between the trees it did not  worry him, for he knew that after the water came light and heat. Greenery was all around and it was illuminated by the tropical damp from above. 

James I.V caught our attention when his new EP landed in our inbox a month or so ago. This one is mighty interesting and will be released very soon. Listen to "M Island" below:

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DSC – Too Hard

The obstacle course was awash with competitors. They sprawled recklessly amongst the long grass looking for a way out. These were times of desperation and struggle, some thought it to be too hard whilst others believed it simply ludicrous. The course had gathered notoriety amongst a worldwide collective of fierce combatants. For some it was just another day at the training ground whilst for others this might be the final hurdle to break their backs. 

Holding Hands is a newly launched record label focussed on releasing club destined tracks without any of the pretentious nonsense which can sometimes accompany doing so. Listen to a new track from DSC below: 

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Dokta Venom – Soul Krush

As he drove through the city streets he glanced upwards towards the hollow blue sky. The purple car shimmered and shone beneath the golden rays of the street lights as it passed quietly through the town. Little did any onlooker know of his pain, his soul krush, his deadly lover and her wicked escapades. He was dressed smart, if looks could kill he'd be firing on all cylinders. He seemed to have it all and little suggested otherwise, however, he did not. 

Dokta Venom has been receiving acclaim and support for his new release on far Out Recordings. This one has been picked up by the likes of Volcov, Dj Deep and Cottam but to name a few. Listen to "Soul Krush" below: 

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Nothus & Delikwe – Red Walls

The white paint was flaked and tired looking. It had weathered many a storm, seen fights come and go and grown old beneath the flickering lights of the bathroom. It was time for a new colour, a new scent and a reimagined dream. They were to be red from now on, red walls, all of them. The bathroom was frequented by travellers from far and wide, the mirror had shared many a moment with lost souls. Individuals caught gazing at themselves and into the beyond. 

Nothus and Delikwe are set to release a fresh new EP on XCPT Music. The release sees them deliver two tracks alongside a pair of remixes from none other than Mgun and Dj Plant Texture. Listen to the original version of "Redwalls" below: 

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