Premiere Inn: 13.04.17


Pyramid Club – Stay Behind

The school bell rang with an abrupt roar and the students leapt to attention. All but one that is. At the back of the class sat a young boy, fast asleep, with his head in hands upon the dusty old desk. Even the screech of chairs upon the linoleum floor did not stir him from his subdued slumber. He was going to stay behind long before the requirements of the school day, the quiet classroom was a haven amidst the outside world, so full of chaos and noise.  

Pyramid Club are the latest to release on the ever consistent Unknown Precept. They deliver a five track EP for the label feature low slung electronics and a DIY sensibility. Listen to "Stay Behind" below: 

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Blood Wine Or Honey – Anxious party Peple (Factory Floor Remix)

The room was awash with solitary dancers, present yet unaware. They listened to the clatter of drums as they bounced between the walls with a gracious warmth. Whilst this looked to be a place of wonder, a safe haven and a community with presence, it was nothing but a gang of anxious party people. This was their outlay for emotional inconsistency and a troubled past, the noise was a welcome wave of overriding support. However, in reality it offered little solution. 

Blood Wine or Honey are an exciting new group to emerge from the industrial backbeat of Hong Kong. As a result their sound is awash with wide reaching influences and inspiration in the obscure. Who better than Factory Floor to reimagine what was already a charmed creation. Listen below: 

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Deep Space Orchestra – High Priest Of Junta

The church was a peaceful place of rest for many, a soothing chamber within which to reflect and embrace the great beyond. It was the hight priest of Junta's job to enlighten and enthral their senses whilst preparing them for the a world unknown. Such faith they placed within him and his commitment to God. Little did they know of his wicked ways, his misdemeanours and troubled past. It was as if this place was a cloak behind which his villainous passion lay ominously. 

Deep Space Orchestra turn up the heat on a new EP for Moreaboutmusic Records. Big room house music with a Detroit influence. Listen to "High Priest of Junta" below: 

Buy the release from the 17th of April HERE

Loure – In The Evenings (Hidden Spheres Remix)

The beachfront was the place to hang as the sun dipped beneath the horizon. The shadowy figures were dotted in clusters up and down the pier as they smoked in the warm night air. In the evenings there was very little to do around these parts but drink and dance, perhaps move a little under the flickering spotlights of some sleazy nightclub. The summertime madness engulfed this place with a progressive sense of purity and freedom. Hedonism, decadence galore. 

Loure is set to release a new EP on Noire & Blanche, gorgeous deep house with a sun kissed twist. Hidden Spheres step up on remix duties. Listen below: 

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Moscoman – Hot Salt Beef

There is little left to be said about our dear friend Moscoman of which we have not already spoken. All round good guy and musical connoisseur, he has risen to glorious success following a string of spectacular releases on his Disco Halal label and most recently as part of his Treisar series. It is the next in this series which we are able to bring you exclusively. 

We caught up with Chen for a brief chat about his recent North American tour whilst listening to his new EP below:

James Hadfield – Buried Answers (Jamie Blanco Remix)

Deep within the cemetery lay the remains of a man whom had been the key to the puzzle. Unfortunately they had been unable to help him prevail in his quest into the great unknown. Now all that was left behind was buried answers, tales and pieces to a problem which may very well remain unsolved for generations to come. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why us? Why now? Please, may you let us live. 

James Hadfield is set to release a new EP on Not An Animal Records accompanied by two smoking hot remixes from none other Jamie Blanco and Tiago respectively. Listen to the Jamie Blanco remix of "Buried Answers" below: 

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Sebastian Deluca – Terranova (Ian Metty Lost In Sound Remix)

The white walls were illuminated by the glow of the morning sun. They appeared a stark contrast to the royal blue texture of the sky which radiated warmth in the early hours. Birds soared eagerly upon the breeze above the water down below as the flickering leaves of palm trees blew gracefully in the wind. It was a beautiful scene, like something from a picture book or postcard. Soon this would all be gone. 

Deepwave are set to release a new EP from Sebastian Deluca, however it was the remix from label boss Ian Metty which caught our upmost attention. Listen to his Lost In Sound remix below: 

Visit the Deepwave bandcamp HERE

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