Premiere Inn: 12.05.17


Worth Way – Must Be

He looked down upon the crystal clear water and yet saw little but black. He had been hoping that he might perhaps spot a glance of his reflection or a glimmer of hope beneath the deep blue but there was little to live beyond the depths. The boat sailed carelessly forwards through the night: beaten and bashed by the waves the storm must now be at its terrible worst. He kneeled down, looked up to the dirty clouds up above and said his last words before the sun presented itself once more. 

Worth Way is set to release a new four track EP on The Other Planet. Deep, heady house with a soulful edge and a twist of heart. Listen to "Must Be" below: 

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PolyGlove – Smack

The gym was alive with the sound punches and the chamber echoed loudly under the weight of blows. The sound of smacks reverberated from punch bags as the squeak of feet stuttered hastily upon the linoleum floor. Some believed this to be a place of danger to the outside man, however, those whom were welcome were made to feel right at home. All of a sudden the lights blackened and the noise halted to an abrupt, sharp stop. The doors creaked open….

PolyGlove are a duo from Dublin whom seem drawn to the glitches and rugged nature of hardware. The 9th of June will see them release a tape on de/konstruk/cionez. Listen to "Smack" below: 

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Manu Dibango – Les Cavaliers

The gentleman entered the courtyard with graceful elegance. He marched prominently forwards before the great palace and introduced himself to each and every man. His suit was renowned and spectacular, colourful and profound. The evening was young as the sound of trumpets echoed in the royal blue sky. Many were already dancing, moving gracefully between partner in time with a single four of the drums. They would still be there several hours later. 

Africa Seven are to release a new compilation featuring reimagined versions of rare African disco, soul and funk. The track below sees Plaid remix Manu Dibango. Listen Here: 

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Andy Vaz – Zwei Im Tee

The grove was radiant beneath the light of the evening sun. As he watched the hazy orange sky loom low over the green sea before him, he pondered what the harvest might bring. Would this year be as fruitful as the last or might there be some sort of spanner in the works? Many depended on him for livelihood, for supplies and for success. Yet, he did not let these things phase or trouble him. For he was at one with his crop and a man of the land. 

Andy Vaz is set to release a new three track EP on Chiwax. This one features soulful house grooves with some g-funk esque swagger thrown in for good measure. Listen to "Zwei Im Tee" below: 

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Frank Butters – Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

The memories ached within him, he had witnessed things no man should ever have to. Even though he had always stood in the periphery, his anonymity could not be used as alibi. As the time grew closer and the need for action more urgent, his conscience was finally pricked and he determined his plan. But was it too late to make things right? Could he really be the one to stop it?

It seems there is space for another anonymous artist in the world of Man Power. After a limited release on Too Many Squares last year, the mysterious (or alias) Frank Butters releases 'Cult Of Glamour' on Me Me Me. This cut gets the "swamp disco" treatment from Andrew Weatherall. Siren-styled lasers fire out from a solid live drum rhythm as arpeggiated and delayed synths bicker with each other. Breathy male vox just peek in, from round some corner in the mix, in the shade. It all falls in on itself, then recharges somewhere between the floor toms and cymbals, making it right and rather majestic. 

Frank Butters Presents Cult Of Glamour is released by Me Me Me on 15th May 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow him on Facebook.

Body-San – Topaz Chalice

The golden table had witnessed many elegant banquets and played host to noblemen from far and wide. Many of them had travelled across dangerous and stormy seas in order to sit at the table. However, their leader did not care for their hardships, he simply drank from his topaz chalice and observed the scene which unfolded delicately before his eyes. The room was noisy and abrupt, the walls tall and gloomy. He dreamt of elsewhere. 

Body-San is set to release a new EP on Lo Recordings, the release sees him dig deep into the murky, moody undertones of house and dance music. Listen to "Topaz Chalice" below: 

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Braqueberry – Boomer

The wonderfully-named Braqueberry has a new EP out at the end of the month on Iberian Juke, the label run by Spanish footwork dons BSN Posse. We were told it sounds like "James Blake on Diazepam" but it's actually even better than that!

The Barcelona producer and RBMA grad's first EP Wemen came out in 2013 and featured remixes from Ghosts On Tape (Fade To Mind) and MikeQ (Mad Decent). That was followed by Bass Materialist in 2014, recorded during a pilgrimage to Japan.

Chorro100's is the name of the new EP – five strung out footwork cuts mixing juke rhythms with old school analogue textures. We're premiering a track called 'Boomer (299999999)', which is probably the most old-school of the bunch. Languid synth chords provide a perfect counterpoint to the frenetic drums, before some pitch-shifted vocals take this to a weirder place entirely. Sometimes you gotta look back to look forwards.

Chorro100's is out 23rd May on Iberian Juke. Pre-order here.

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