Premiere Inn: 08.06.18


La Mverte – Past the Circles (Matias Aguayo Version)

They ran wild, jumped between the hoops and watched as the world ran riot in a distant maze. Past the circles there was a glistening growl from the crowd who watch the bikes spin fast. The sound of engines roared inside the circus tent as they began to accelerate around the inside of the metallic bulb. The darkness was black and still but the noise of the machines and the rubber on steel was deafening and loud. It was a beautiful dance, the engines in musical chaos. 

La Mverte is set to release a new EP called "The Inner Out" on Her Majesty's Ship. It is accompanied by an in house favourite in the form of Matias Aguayo who remixes in tasteful style. Listen below: 

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Stijn Sadeé – Affetto (Gerd Janson Precious Hall Mix)

The tree grew tall and proud – who knew the sights it had witnessed across the years. Most days were but a breeze, there was little to observe but for the flying birds and the dreamy tropics which surrounded the tall branches and the deep green leaves. It was called 'Aftetto'… At least that was what it had been kindly named by the owner of the garden – he had planted it and watched it grow across the decades as he dreamed of life far away. The villa on the hillside was alone and quiet. The tree stood high. 

Stijn Sadee is set to release a new EP on Kitjen as he appears on the imprint for the first time. The label has been held in high acclaim featuring music by the likes of Suzanne Kraft, Fantastic Man and more. His appearance does not disappoint and comes with an extravagant Gerd Janson remix. Listen below: 


Bawrut – Three Sounds (Lossy Remix)

Following hot on the heels of his sold out Rumba and Ciquita 12”s, Bawrut returned to Ransom Note Records earlier this year with the 4×4 EP – home to four typically leftfield bangers that have been heavily supported by the likes of Ruf Dug, Skream, Or:la, Nick Höppner, Mano Le Tough, Honey Soundsystem and Leftfield.

Now, we’re very happy to announce a remix EP featuring contributions from a host of star producers, underground favourites and R$N family! Stream the first track to be taken from the EP below, as London producer Lossy brings his trademark soulful electro vibes to the party, allowing the minimal skeleton of ‘Three Sounds’ to blossom into a track that recalls Lone at his most blissful.

4×4 (Remixes) is out 29th June and you can pre-order it here.

Caffeine – Aqnoziu (Roza Terenzi Remix)

The bicyle travelled quickly upon the tarmac as it descended the mountain at great pace, she could feel the wind in her hair and the breeze was soft and warm against her face. The grass whizzed by on either side of the road as the occasional car passed by with the dull hum of an engine struggling against the steep slope. In the distance she could see the waves of the ocean rolling in against the shore – this was where she was headed and the winding path would take her right there. The beach, to the Aqnoziu. 

Caffeine is set to release a new EP on Third Try Records. Just a hint – it's great. It is accompanied by some remixes by Roza Terenzi (lady of the moment) and SFV Acid. Listen below: 


Solar & Brother Nebula – S.I.S. (Brother Nebula Revision)

This was a dangerous state of crisis, the town was under attack from an external drone which left little but an echo in their ears and a foreboding tone amidst the air. It had come last night, late under the cover of the blackened sky. It had swept into town from the East and had left a fury in its wake. The beast from the East they called it, the devil in disguise under the pretence of friendship. The sunny weather had soon been replaced by a relentless storm and they must now escape the noise.

Solar & Brother Nebula have collaborated on a new EP for Legwork – a fierce assortment of abstract electronics and weirdo dance. Brother Nebula then takes it apart and reconstructs. Good times. Listen below: 


ThinkThrice – I Know You Know

Atlanta, GA label Harsh Riddims (run by Ryan Parks aka Fit of Body) is gearing up to release the third instalment in its compilation series. Out 15th June and limited to just 50 cassettes, Harsh Riddims Vol. 3 features contributions from the likes of Mike Simonetti, Cities Aviv, Beat Detectives and Divine Interface, covering a whole lot of stylistic ground.

We're very happy to be premiering a track from Atlanta producer ThinkThrice. Featuring his own speak-sing vocals, 'I Know You Know' hovers along on woozy chords and throbbing bass before pivoting into a rattling DIY house cut. Listen below:

Harsh Riddims Vol. 3 is out 15th June on digital and limited edition cassette. Pre-order it here.

BSN Posse – Nevah Get Tired of Doin' What U Love

Hailing from Málaga, Spanish footwork duo BSN Posse are gearing up for their new album, having previously released on labels including Modern Ruin and Slime Recordings. Out 6th June on their own Iberian Juke imprint, Take Me Back To The South marks the label's first ever vinyl release.

A love letter to Chicago's footwork culture (check the DJ Rashad homage on the front cover), it's home to eight sample-heavy 160bpm stormers, sprinkled with a liberal dusting of Mediterranean sunshine. Listen to 'Nevah Get Tired of Doin' What U Love' below:

Take Me Back To The South is out 6th June via Iberian Juke. Pre-order it here.

Victor Valiant – Olympus

Victor Valiant is a brand new musical pairing of two friends who'd been meaning to go in the studio together for many moons… but life got in the way, as it always does.

Composed of Keith Tenniswood (aka Radioactive Man) and Freerotation resident Suade Bergemann, the duo's debut EP V is for Victor is out 6th July on Keith's new Asking For Trouble imprint. Recorded over two three-day sessions at Suade's mega studio deep in the north-east, it's home to seven tracks of supremely funky electro/techno cuts.

Below, you can listen to 'Olympus', the first track to be taken from the new release:

V is for Victor is out 6th July via Asking For Trouble, pre-order it here.

Maxine – Paradiso

The island was a beautiful escape from reality – the soft, rolling waves moved back and forth against the shore. The sand was delicate and golden, an exciting paradise which offered the world to visitors from far away lands. However, deep in the jungle there was to be a wild and wonderful party that night. A bizzarre explosion of light and colour and dance. The euphoria amidst the island was rife and the excitement was at time unbearable… colour was everywhere. 

T.E.N.S. is a record label designed to encourage the music to speak for itself – effective, robust and purveyors of the finest in dance and electronics. Listen below: 


DOTHEDU – Lost Acids

The mud was deep and the trenches were full with men who had begun to fight valiantly against the evil invaders. From outer space they had landed upon earth and were spreading havoc and terror upon a planet of innocent, vulnerable victims. They cast their lost acid on towards the weak and hoped to lure them upwards back to the blackened skies from which they'd come. The night was ominous and dark – nobody wanted to be at war let alone with the terrestrials from beyond the beyond. 

DOTHEDU is set to release his second EP on his own Senseverse imprint. Live acid cuts recorded in one take, no reworks and no added tweaks. Real live shit with vocals straight for the club. Listen below: 

Buy the EP HERE.  There will be a launch party at Ransom Note Records on the 9th of June, all welcome.