Premiere Inn: 07.04.16


Harry Parsons – Love Flow

The stream gently bubbled in the light of the morning sun. The water trickled softly down the mountain face towards the rock pool below, a love flowing upon a distant wave. As they gathered at the foot of the cliff they looked up to the sky above, enchanted and mesmerised by the glimmering reflection of the water's glow. White mist lay softly amidst the campsite, soon they would begin the next part of their glorious trek towards the head of the hill. 

Shadow City are set to kickstart their record label with a three track release purpose built for basements and festivals alike. With the EP having already been supported by the likes of Denis Sulta, Midland, Dan Shake and more this one is bound to be big. Listen to "Love Flow" below: 

Buy the release HERE. Artwork courtesy of Muck.

Arkajo – Vamp

The sound echoed in the dusty chamber. A small crowd had gathered to observe him play in what was a beautifully orchestrated environment. The audio was crystal clear, it landed softly upon the ears of the delicate audience as they stared fiercely into the darkness. For he was not visible, at least not to the naked eye, the vamp was all that was important in this place, not his outward appearance, tattered clothes or distant gaze. The music was all that mattered. 

Arkajo makes up one half of the infamous Genius Of Time duo. His solo work sees him draw upon darker influences, more akin to the sound of murky back room club. Listen to "Vamp" below:

Buy the release from the 10th of April HERE

Jose Manuel – Voices Of Africa (Mehmet Aslan Remix)

The cries echoed through the darkness on a hot, stormy night. The rain splattered upon the dusty floor and the tribe moved steadily forwards into the glow of the moonlight. They rejoiced in great glee at the falling sky, their cotton shirts soaked beneath the damp rain water. These were the voices of Africa which were missing from the traditional coverage in the 21st century. Too much time was spent buried in the past, in trials and tribulations of a proud and noble people. Tonight, the rain would cleanse such stereotypical despair. 

José Manuel's "Excursion Africanism" was arguably one of the highlights of last years musical calendar. Now the release has been remixed and who better to feature than Mehmet Aslan? Listen to his reinterpretation of "Voices Of Africa" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Dj Normal 4 & Bufiman – Dance Of The Toads

Deep in the murky reaches of the backbeat jungle was a mystic cave, unexplored and untouched. No man had ever set foot in this place, it was not for them to tread. Left as mother nature intended, wildlife flourished prominently beneath the green clouds up above. There was a hazy glow to this space, an eerie sense of foreboding. The raindrops began to fall softly between the leaves as the sky darkened. The dance of the toads sprung to life within the shrubs and the jungle was alive and in love. 

Now here's a collaboration to get your teeth into. Dj Normal 4 & Bufiman have long been favourites of us here at the Ransom Note and their new release on Aiwo simply reinforces what we already knew. Listen and watch the video directed by Mirko Podkowik below: 

Hammer – Man Ray

The television set flickered and buzzed in the corner of his bedroom. As he ate his breakfast in solitude he pondered what the day might hold for him, productivity, despair or joy. These days his life was varied and distinct, far different to what he had perceived it might be as a small child. Ray, they called him, a man about town. Little did they know of his reluctant existence on the 12th floor flat. His anxious tendencies and his distaste for the world outside. 

Hammer is best known for his musical output on Feel My Bicep and Optimo. Now he steps up to release a new three track EP on LOFT Records. Listen to "man Ray" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Art Alfie – Trippfiguren

The overpass was in disarray, the road chaotic and tightly packed. People were flocking North for the winter months, keen to spend time on the slopes upon the distant mountains. The sun shone down but there was a cold wind blowing firm. She lowered the window on the passenger side, the icy breeze blustered through the old motor. She turned up the radio loud and watched the world go by. 

The beginning of this year saw the release of Art Alfie's debut LP on Studio Barnhus. Now he returns to his own imprint for his first EP of the year and it packs a punch. Listen to "Trippfiguren" below: 

Buy the release from the 1st of May HERE

Akis – Erotica

She glanced towards him with a shimmering smile. Her lips shone a radiant red under the glow of the hazy lamp. She stood up and walked towards him along the corridor, she introduced herself with a whisper before wandering off into the night. In the background the echo of chamber music reverberated between the hollow walls, he felt dizzy and weak at her very presence. She did something far beyond words were capable of describing. Erotic and erotica in the purest form. 

Into The Light return with a spectacular assortment of music from Akis Daoutis, a Greek musician who has been recording for almost forty years. They reveal new material alongside reissued gold on a new compilation titled "Space, Time and Beyond". Listen to 'Erotica' below: 

Buy the release HERE

Pascal Viscardi – Auditorium Voyage

He found himself alone amidst the deserted cinema. The screening had begun to the uproar of nobody yet he was about to embark upon a beautiful voyage through space and time. The rumble of bass thundered through the auditorium as the red curtain rose to the reveal the screen. His face was illuminated by the glowing pixels which flashed and flared vigorously before his very eyes. He relaxed deep within the armchair and placed his feet upon the stall in front. Let it begin.

Shall Not Fade have been on prolific form as of late with a string of dynamic releases. Next to feature on the label is Pascal Viscardi who delivers a four track EP. Listen to "Auditorium Voyage" below:

Buy the release HERE

Jona Sul – South Zone (Matt Karmil Remix)

The island was illuminated beneath the warm hazy glow of the summer sun. The late night was deceptively hot, you might not expect for such heat to be present down south, not in this zone. A group of extravagant individuals had taken to the beach to watch the sun go down amidst a magnificent deep blue backdrop. The evening was young and the luxurious delicacies of a wild and prosperous eternity awaited. What could be better?

Jona Sul's new track 'South Zone' is a pop inspired dance track with emotive undertones. Who better to step up and conquer such a beast that Matt Karmil, who has been on miraculous form as of late. Listen to his remix below: 

Buy the release HERE

Dj Aakmael – Offering

The prize was grand, the competition fierce. As he stood upon the asphalt he questioned whether he was fast enough, strong enough or tough enough to contest with the pace and resolve of the other runners. He shivered, he should not have such doubts at a time of such importance, now was not about them but the finish line. They took their positions in lane, ready to run rugged and wild at the sound of the gun. Five, four, three, two, one…

Super Tuff Records are readying themselves to release a four track split EP packed with a delightful array of deep house. The label and party series operates out of Brooklyn in New York. Check out a track from Dj Aakmael below: 

Buy the release HERE

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