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Manuel Darquart – Just Be Faithful (To Me)

Angst and concern laced the air, it was as if they had never met. All he had ever asked was that she remained faithful and true, not distant and blue. Now as they stood holding hands silently amidst the city street it was a distant sense of unease which hung between them, not love. Mistrust was a brutal endeavour and there was little left to reconcile the situation. As they parted ways he began to wonder if they might ever meet again the night was cold. 

Manuel Darquart is set to release a new EP on a newly launched record label emerging from London. Childplay have just released the "Birds Of Paradiso" EP. Listen below: 


Juanita – Locked Lion

The metallic steelwork was stark and intimidating against the greenery and flowers within the cage. A locked lion lay inside watching the passers by stare in with eager eyes, this was not home. The blue sky was glorious and radiant up above but he was not free. This had been all that he had ever known, all he had ever imagined. The wild plains of Africa seemed oh so far and distant now, a removed landscape compared to the city dwelling zoo which had become the land of the living. 

Juanita is set to release the very first EP on Llullaillaco Records, a new imprint. The EP is a reflection on travels, accidental encounters and beyond. A statement upon the Persian people's fight for freedom from ex Persian empire. Listen below: 

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Austin Ato – Song For Mr. Lewis

The band began to play loudly in the grand hall. The chamber had been packed for several hours, diners had eaten promptly whilst discussing matters of ethereal importance. The white table cloths now lay scattered messily across the room as the old busy bodies danced repulsively. The band were playing a song for Mr. Lewis, not that many of them knew him very well at all. This was merely a facade, a show of force for a leader whom was actually despised. There was only so much grandeur one could attempt to hide amidst, he was a mess. 

Austin Ato is set to release a new EP on Phonica White in the coming weeks, the producer has travelled under many guises in the past including Drums Of Death, Frankie Dreams and The Slumberjack. Listen below: 

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Ian Blevins – Round Trip (Panthera Krause Remix)

The flight would take several hours, they would be airborne for a short lifetime. At least that was how it might feel. On the way to the middle of nowhere they began to feel more and more alone. Outward bound, this was supposed to be a round trip, it certainly didn't feel like it. The distance was vast, the touchdown a hazy blur of dust and whirring engines. Everything was chaotic, metallic and black. His ears began to ring as he looked at his comrades sat upright amidst the cockpit. 

Ian Blevins is set to release a new EP on the much loved Futureboogie, those guys are the best. Anyway, they've drafted in the assistance of one of the best up and comers in the form of Panthera Krause. Listen to a remix below: 

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Lancelot – Transport

The traffic was heavy, the sirens roared in the distance. The concrete boulevard was packed with people as they gathered amidst the transport system. This was a sprawl of the most disorganised order, a hideous mess of a street. She had come to the city to find a new place to be, to live, to relax. This was not the beautiful fantasy which she had forecast when running down that duty road, her parents shouting loudly behind her in the distance. 

Lancelot is set to release a new EP on Omena Records, the 20th record to emerge on the Stockholm based imprint which has previously played host to the likes of ESA, ishi vu, HNNY and more. Listen to a melodic club ready cut below: 

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Kurt Baggaley – Detect (Awanto 3 Remix)

The flickering lights illuminated the dull black screen, the shiny green patterns emblazoned upon the interface. The radar was looking out for passing planes, watching cautiously for the possibility that one might just fall back down to earth. The sky was pitch black but for the glimmering stars, yet even still the flying objects were uneasy to detect. Plotting their course across the void was no simple feat and the machines continued to whir and buzz loudly in the quiet office. 

Kurt Baggaley is set to release a new EP on Something Happening Somewhere. The Dutch record label has established itself as a creative force amidst the electronic music community, each release accompanied with cutting edge graphics and design. Listen to an Awanto 3 remix from the new EP below: 

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Upsetter – Sinister Current

For a long time she had been battling against the wave of insults and the precious doubts. A sinister current had begun to develop throughout parliament, a devious tone roared abruptly beneath each word they said. However, there was no shouting, no raised voices but only snide remarks and fickle comments which meant not one thing or another. By now she had become accustomed to bobbing afloat upon the surface of the water. Surfing the waves she was not lost at sea. 

Upsetter is set to release a new EP on the Glasgow based record label Clan Destine. Forceful, rough and rugged techno – a side project from the artist more commonly known as Pictureplane. Listen below: 

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Uptight – Upright Natives

An exclusive video by Alex Morris in accompaniment of a new piece of music by Upright Natives. The duo made up of Ex-Friendly and J-Ven also called on the strings of Gillian Wood to assist with what is an ethereal melancholy dream. Read more below: 

"On a bleak New Year’s Day with the shadows of a long night out in London draped heavily on their backs, our heroes sat down and made this lovely piece of electronic melancholia in a single session. Heartbreak and comedown in close proximity. With the ebb and flow of filtered analogue synths and a raw unwashed vocal turn by Ex-Friendly, this is a bedroom groove that will give you the strength to go to the bathroom. 

Later on, some really quite special strings were added by Gillian Wood (Ninja Tune etc), and the final piece, a video of subtle brilliance created by their old friend, musician and visual dynamo Alex Morris (Candidate, Grampian Horn, The Framley Examiner). 

Ex-Friendly and J-Ven have been best mates and musical collaborators since forever. Both served in punk-disco hybrid Idiot Joy and dirty funk outfit Junkateer as well as co-running deep house imprints ‘Rubberneck Records’ and ‘People Are Looking At You’. Separately, they have had a fair amount of records released over the years. As half of deep house duo Jonno & Tommo, J-Ven has had releases on Ornate Records, Trelik, People Are Looking At You and Slow Town Records. He also works under the alias Table Man and is a member of Cowboy Flying Saucer. Ex-Friendly has had releases on Midnight Riot, ISM, Deep Explorer, Hot Digits and People Are Looking At You. He is also half of international music and culture curators, Truth & Lies Music. 

Many thanks to Will Troup and Ransom Note for the video premiere!"

Watch below:

 releases December 1, 2017

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For a long time he had battled against his inner demons, debating with himself as to the validity of his work and the potential of perfection. Now, in his older years he had decided to let things go a little, keep things simple if you will. It was only by such behaviour that one might be able to attain a sense of peace within what they do, he had learnt this the hard way. Many years had been spent under toil and strain, his rallying thoughts repeating their disloyal noise amidst his ears. 

Dj Psychiatre – Keep Things Simple

Dj Psychiatre is the next in a line of musicians to release on GASP Records, an imprint based out of Poland. The label has become to one to watch, bringing life to the local scene and allowing new artists a platform to express themselves. Listen below: 

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Sonny – Some Velvet Morning

The elegance with which the sun rose was breathtaking. Some velvet morning it would turn out to be but little did they know of that as they watched the sky. Soon it would be time to leave the city and travel outwards into the great beyond, to a place in which the long grasses and the wild rivers ran between the country hills. The train would take several hours, huffing and puffing it would pass between the city walls leaving a trail of fog and dust in its midst…

Sonny is set to release a new four track EP on Koldt Bord, a new Copenhagen based record label with a forward thinking trajectory. Their first EP comes from a new Danish talent and caught our ears straight from the off. Listen below: 

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