Premiere: Inkasso – Tag der Imker


The strange, mechanical structures that lined the coast had rusted and begun to collapse, their outstretched arms and metal beams contorting into shapes that tricked the eyes. These shores had long been forbidden to outsiders, for those who had sought, once upon a time, to uncover the secrets of this place were never seen again. It was as if they’d disappeared off the face of the earth, or so the rumour mill would lead you to believe.

Following the return of Free Range to the label in October, Elena Colombi welcomes another duo to her Osàre! Editions imprint, Berlin-based Inkasso. An exploration of being adrift in disorientating, mechanical worlds, the pair blur the boundaries between drone, techno, dub and experimental, using string instruments, field recordings, drills and a myriad of everyday objects.