Premiere: Iñigo Vontier – Yarlo


It was unbearably hot that day. She remembered the way her hair stuck firmly to her forehead, and the raging arguments to secure the last bit of shade for just a moment’s respite. She also remembered the fear that took hold of her entire body only moments later… Though six years had passed, heat had become her worst enemy — a constant reminder of the events that changed her life forever.

It’s been almost seven years since Calypso Records boss Iñigo Vontier first landed on Correspondant Records with a track contribution to the label’s second Summer Split EP — now he returns for his first full EP, ‘Trance Mexico’. No stranger to hypnotising electronics, which have come via labels like Lumière Noire, Muti Culti and Roam, Iñigo burrows deeper into the enchanting world of trance, with three tracks of hypnotic and ritualistic synth rhythms that’ll send you down a psychedelic wormhole.