Video Premiere: Nukuluk – Feel Awful Now

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 09.36.00

The final single to be shared from the experimental hip hop outfit’s sophomore EP.

The energy in the room changed in a split second. If only she’d could have kept her mouth shut; hadn’t “unintentionally” left a path of destruction for others to clean up – the day ahead would have panned out very differently. Shock had turned to sadness which quickly morphed into anger, making for a potent cocktail of self-destruction… Was that her endgame all along? To drive them to a state of despair, to bring about their downfall and paint herself as a martyr for speaking up in the first place? Surely not, anyone with even an ounce of empathy could only feel awful now…


Nukuluk are back with their singular blend of hip hop, indie and electronica. The South London collective burst onto the scene with their debut EP Disaster Pop in 2021, followed by a run of gigs across London, which were an introduction to both their melting pot of influences and their infectious stage presence. Superglue is their sophomore offering, and it sees the group really finding their stride sonically and pushing the sound further into new realms. There’s nods to everything from trip hop, metal and rock to hip hop, dance music and r’n’b, matched with frontmen Syd and Monika’s contrasting yet seemingly compatible vocal stylings.

The track itself ruminates on how we play different characters based on the social environments we’re in and how these can change dependent on the circumstances of the situation. The track comes with a video recorded in black & white VHS-style by filmmaker Will Reid which takes a spontaneous approach, showing the band reacting and responding to the track without any prior planning.


Superglue will be released on 21st April. To celebrate the release, the band will play their only London headline show this year at Corsica Studios on 23 May. Photo and video credit: Will Reid. Sculpture: Kali Kulukundis.