Premiere: Ineffekt – Two-Tiered


There were always two sides to every story — whether you heard them both was another question. Whoever got there first generally had the upper hand anyway, anything that followed was subject to much more interrogation. Suspicion shrouded every fact and figure, speculation veered the conversation away from the matter at hand; you never get any closer to knowing the real truth.

At just 19 years old, Utrecht-based producer Ineffekt’s productions far belie his years. After making his debut last year on Dutch label Intercept with his ‘Solaris’ EP, he makes his return for his first ever long player, which retains the distinctive rhythms and warm subs we heard on his debut, but this time dives deeper into playful and euphoric melodies. A vibrant and colourful wash of synths, dreamy vocal snippets and fuzzy percussion; the 10 tracks on ‘Kora’ each have their own unique flavour and groove.