Premiere: In Embrace – The Living Daylights (TJF Bonus)


The cobbled street was dimly lit by the orange glow of the archaic street lamps. The path lay neglected, unevenly paved and littered with rubbish. On most evenings it attracted all manner of strange people who would loiter suspiciously and make all who passed by feel unease and panic. For them it was a sport, a means of entertainment. They got a strange thrill from these situations. They never intended to physically hurt those who entered their territory, but scaring the living daylights out of them was a totally different story…

Emotional Rescue are harking back to 1980s Leicester for their next release from In Embrace, a band who bridged the gap between post-punk and the impending indie heyday of the late 80s. Chuggy, the man at the helm of Emotional Rescue, got his hands on one of their earliest and most favoured tracks 'The Living Daylights' which was originally released in two formats; a short live studio 7" and an uncut 9-minute dub version on 12". 

Both of these appear on the A-side, while on the flip Chuggy has drafted in London-based producer Timothy J Fairplay, who has previously contributed releases for sister label Emotional Response, to morph the original into two acid-tinged reworks.