Premiere: Identified Patient – Low Kust


The basement was off limits, it had been for as long as her elders had owned the house. No questions were ever asked, its thick rusting bolts and chains issued enough of a message. But curiosity had become her; she’d taken to sitting by the door, ear pressed firmly on the wood listening intently. From the depths she thought she could make out heavy breathing and writhing limbs, an unknown living specimen chained below. Her fear was blinkered by a mounting desire to know what was beyond the door; she would find out, there would be no more secrets.

Having been a permanent fixture at Dekmantel festival for several years, in 2019 Dutch DJ and producer Identified Patient made something of a long-awaited debut on the festival’s UFO label offshoot. Expanding on his signature style – a murky cocktail of industrial, electro, synth-rock and minimal wave – he now makes his return to the imprint with Nerve Deposit aided by his new toy, a GRP A4 synthesiser, which helps coerce the five tracks into new realms. Irregular dubstep rhythms sit alongside frenetic breakbeat and throbbing hardcore, signalling a new direction for the Pinkman regular, yet tonally he continues to linger in the shadows.