Premiere: Hyper Opal – Olymp


The street outside felt eerily quiet, an unfamiliar occurrence in this central part of town. Where families normally dined on alfresco tables and friends huddled together chain-smoking cigarettes, there was nothing, nobody, not even one straggler finding their way home. She watched from her window with unease, she’d got used to the howling laughter and drunken chatter that preceded sundown, it made her feel safe and happy. Without it there was only fear. 

Comprised of Nordpath co-founders, V4NT4BL4CK Marie Hoffman and Tidiane Cacique of Leave Things, Hyper Opal is a collaborative project that explores the realms of post-rock and electronic pop. Following their debut EP BLACK MILK last year, they deliver their debut album A Light Speed for Swiss imprint Blizzard Audio Club. Matching Hoffman’s moody vocals with Cacique’s eerie rhythms, over the LP’s seven tracks the pair seek to explore “a dialog between the human-made messiness that spreads out and the will to be naive, playful, and having no script.”