Premiere: Humantronic & Leonard De Leonard – Minimal Palace


Disowned and dethroned, the once warring brothers took a last look over their lands. These princes of fortune had witnessed their majestic spoils ripped from this opulent palatial statement. It was merely a husk now, an austere and poignant puncture of how swiftly their wealthy power had dissolved. Just as sand slips through unsteady fingers, they had grasped too gracelessly and now they were just men alone.

Night Noise's new Amuse Bouche collection features this forceful techno bleeper from Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard. Hitting dark and hard, with acidic breaks hiding murkily in the mix, it throws it's punches even heavier in round two. Seconds out.

Various Artists – Amuse Bouche Vol 2 is released by Night Noise on 15th August 2016.

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