Premiere: Human Movement – Elevate


Floating between the clouds he looked down upon planet earth with a distant gaze as it all began to fall apart. Aeroplanes whizzed past with onlookers peering from the small windows, they watched him fly. All of his life he had been ready to ascend into outer space and join the heavens, the ground was no place for a man like him anyway. When it had been time to elevate, he'd packed his bags, left his house, cast a brief look back over his shoulder at the place he'd once called home and flew upwards in the hope of something new. Now it was time to start all over again amidst the clouds. 

Human Movement is set to release a new track on Of Leisure, a club focussed heater with a hell of a punch. This one is likely to see heavy rotation and fierce results. 

Listen below:

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