Premiere: Huey Mnemonic – Vibrations Radio


The rumble echoed from the dusty speaker which sat nestled upon the corner by the kids playing ball. The boombox blasted the very best in vibrations radio, a sound which had become synonymous with the beats on the street. It was loud and aggressive, the bass distorted and raw – exactly as it was supposed to be. 

It was a hot summer's day and they would play outside until dark, shootin' hoops and talkin' crap with their friends in the heat of the afternoon. In the distance the sound of sirens bellowed above skyscrapers and rooftops but that was not their world. They were kids from the borough and this was there home…

Huey Mnemonic is set to release a bangin' new EP on Vanity Press records, a mixture of rough and ready cuts for the clubs and the streets. "Vibrations Radio" was our personal highlight and it sounds exactly like you might expect…

Listen below: